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Northeast Get Together

G Force

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I notice there are a few TB's now listed for this event. This being my first event, I'm not sure of the significance of this. The way I'm seeing it, if you intend to take along a TB to pass on to someone else at the event, you first need to drop it off. Is that correct?





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The way I'm seeing it, if you intend to take along a TB to pass on to someone else at the event, you first need to drop it off. Is that correct?


TB's are logged in and out of the event cache the same way as a normal cache with the only difference being able to log the TB's in advance so cachers can see what the goal is for the TB. It also saves some confusion on the day with all the cachers and TB's being moved.

You can bring a TB along on the day and log it in when you log attended the event.

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Get 'em logged in, I like to see what's going to be there.


BTW dibs on anything goinjg south before that pyoung bloke gets em' !


On a negative note, due to


a) bad weather

B) bad memory


The event log book is still sat in MIATBX, rather than in my sweaty paws where it should be, so it' looks like it aint gonmna make it.


Mind you, if anyone is passing......

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Would it be un-ethical (if that's the right word) for me to raid my own TB hotel cache and bring the bugs along to the event on the chance someone could help one on it's way?

I would check with Pyoung1s. He might have plan's to "raid" it for you :(:D

Well he'll have to get past me first! :(

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Just printing up cache pages for the new caches for the event.


From cache page

January 21 by Travers (275 found)

Hi folks

Just a note to ask everyone with Travel Bugs to print out the relevant sheet so we know what their goals are.


I'm going to laminate a couple of tags showing the mission for the two I have.

If the bug you're holding needs one, send me an email via the profile thingy today and I'll do one for them too.



Great idea Travers especially with almost 30 TB's for the event but I left it too late and only had a few. Something to think on for future events.


Pie Man Posted on Jan 21 2005, 02:41 PM

  There's a Canadian Geo coin in Echoes of Days Gone By GCG1BR thats been there 2 months. I should have picked it up to bring it to the Event, but forgot it was there. Is anyone passing by? 


I just passed where the final cache was the other day as well....

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Been there, signed the book...


My first event. Great to put faces to - and meet - those notorious (?) North East cachers.


Many thanks to Mr & Mrs G Force for organising the event.


Also a thank you to the rutson family for making me pull my hair out! Well at least I now know what the pencil is for (and I know where I'd like to put it) :ph34r:



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