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Northeast Get Together

G Force

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Having been to a few events around the country, I have met quite a few cachers but not many from this area. I am interested in meeting the cachers behind the names I see in the logs and wonder if anyone would like to meet up for the usual chat, swapping TB's and drinks.

The place I have in mind is near Hadrians Way which I think would be pretty much centrally located for the northeast cachers but am open for ideas.

Unfortunately I'll be away for Christmas and the New Year so would have to be in January.

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I was hoping for more replies but still think we should go ahead even it's only going to be a few of us as more might join in.


Firth of Forth Posted on Dec 1 2004, 02:06 PM

You might even get a few from North of the Border for that event - that is if they're welcome

My apologies of course it is open to all cachers would love to to see you there.


Travers Posted on Dec 1 2004, 02:35 PM

It's a definite possiblity, though not if it's a match day!

Newcastle are away to Arsenal on the 23rd kicking off at 1600 which should be on the telly.

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G Force - I would have loved to have been able to make it but unfortunately it's not one of the weekends I had planned to be back home (Consett) - I only get back once every two to three months unfortunately. Hope you have a great weekend anyway - especially if it's snowing up there!


Procky & Co

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I will seriously think about coming down - if only because I love that part of the country!! My partner is working that weekend, so I would be on my own with wee man, but I would have to make a final decision after reading the exact details etc, so that I can decide whether or not it would be worthwhile to do this with a 5 year old!

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I had posted this thread on here to get a feel on which date/location would work out best for the majority of the cachers in the area so haven't gone to making a cache page yet. If I don't get any other feedback I'll just go ahead and set it for the 23rd 1200 -1500 (which I probably should of done in the first place) and hope for the best.

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Mrs. G Force will be contacting the pub shortly as there seems to be a consensus on the date and place with sufficient interest. There should be a cache page within a week to be submitted to the approvers.

Looking forward to seeing everyone there.

NVPIV Posted on Dec 10 2004, 04:53 AM


Will be good relaxation before we go back to New Zealand the following weekend to get married!! Think by that stage I'll *definitely* need a beer or three... 

Looks like we'll have something to celebrate as well!!!

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PS. Can any one tell me - in my ignorance - what's LoL stand for ??

LOL that is funny :huh: ,

I was confused with all these initials untill my 14year old daughter took pity on me!! <_<

LOL Laugh Out Loud! :huh:


I'm sure there will be a page of explanations on the internet somewhere!

It was a bit embarrassing when I thought it meant 'lots of love' <_<

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An update on the event.


I have spoken with the Keelman pub which is next to the Big Lamp Brewery. He said there should be no problems as January is fairly quiet and if we have sufficient numbers he can reserve the conservatory for us.

The pub menu is a la carte with main courses averaging 5 pounds and the same for the starters. The pub is open from 12 - 9 and serve the meals during that time. Children are welcome and there is wheelchair access but no dogs allowed. With the brewery next door they offer a selection of 8 real ales.

I am still have another couple of weeks offshore and will confirm all the above as well as checking on the public transport the beginning of the New Year.


From the responses I received it appears that Saturday would be the best date for it unfortunately there was a conflict with someone on the 22nd but looks like he'll be able to make it in the afternoon so will go for that date. I was planning on from noon to 3 pm for the event obviously if any wants to stay longer I'm sure they won't be alone.


The event itself will be just an informal gathering to discuss geocaching and trade TB's with a couple of caches hidden nearby for the event (whether these will be official caches is still to be decided).


Closer to the date I'll be asking for confirmation and people wanting meals to give the pub some idea of the numbers. Name tags will be provided.

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rutson Posted on Dec 22 2004, 04:11 PM

  I may well lay another devious one just in time for the event 


That would be great as I was one of the ones who had two attempts at your Follow the Arrow at the Mark "the Cat" CIN event. It proved a popular cache on the day with much discussion as well as getting teams out looking together.

As for your Texas Inspired I need to punch myself first on that one.


hedberg Posted on Dec 22 2004, 10:58 PM

  How far away is the event location from the DFDS Seaways ferry berth?


22nd are my birthday, and what would be better than taking the ferry from Goteborg, Sweden (where we live) to Newcastle for an event!



It's too bad the ferries are not running on the day as it's about 11 miles (as a crow flies) from the ferry berth.

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the ferry is not operating that weekend

The ferje fra Bergen til Newcastle will be operating. Much shorter sea crossing and not a particularly hardt kjør fra Göteborg. Det finnes mange geocasjer i byen også, hvis du har noen tid når du venter for båten.


Hilsener or God Jul, Skogsmann Olsson

Halv Norsk; halv Svensk; halv Engelsk og halv Skotsk (med lite gran Americansk blød også!)

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Ribel:  I see it's not approved yet, heading up to Geordieland on Wednesday so may give it a go if it's nearish and possible in the dark!

rutson - it's very quick and easy and do-able in the dark, you'll understand why when you see it!


Thanks for the advice on sprucing up your own cache page, I tried it out on this one. Let me know what you think.



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I have been to the pub and we had an enjoyable meal while we talked with the manager. He did not see any problems and depending on the numbers on where he will reserve for us although will probably be a no smoking area. If it's a nice day (wishful thinking) they have a large picnic table area. There is no problems with children so we won't have to change venues. It was just as well we stopped by as the person I talked to previously was a waiter who didn't pass the message on. I'll be updating the event page in the next couple of days.

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Thanks Peeps..


I'm in yer hands rible..


Addres is 15 Raby Gardens, Jarrow. or if yer wana be really posh 54°58.050'N, 1°29.175'W.


If you can give me a time Ill hobble too it ;)


See yer in a week an thanks.


Yer can have a play with me TomTom Go




And thanks to you too Bill

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ribel Posted on Jan 17 2005, 12:44 AM

  I'll see you Saturday then. 11am okay?


If I find your place, does it count as a find? 




You can always sign his cast for the log but would think it would only be a difficulty of 1 as he shouldn't be too hard to spot.

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