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Caching In Canada/maps

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Greatings brothers and sisters to the north! Couple of questions I was hoping you could help me with since I can't seem to find the answers by doing a search etc.


Mainly, my wife is Canadian and we haven't been up to see the family in awhile and are headed that way in the next couple weeks. I'm trying to get some caching in while we're there. My problem is finding out what caches are close to what towns and roads etc. Buxley and GC.com have a little to be desired. HERE is a link to a caching/map page for caches in the Czech Rep. Is there anything along these lines for Canada?


I guess that was only one major question. Thanks in advance for your help.

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My problem is finding out what caches are close to what towns and roads etc.

I have the same problem as I travel about. I Google the name of the place I'm going.. find a postal code ( Like your Zip codes ) the search on that. Hope that helps.


PS Depending on how far north you go, you might need a shovel :rolleyes:



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As Planemaker mentioned, if you are coming up to Ontario, we have a applet on the OGA site where you can submit the name of a town and it will give you the coordinates along with a map and a link to local geocaches on GC.com.


OGA Town Search Page


We have monthly get togethers in the "Golden Horseshoe" area (Toronto to Niagara) so let us know if this fits the criteria and we can fill you in on any events.

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