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It's Time To Prepare The Nascar Race!


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Hey fly46, how much money did you raised for the camp?


I hope the camp can catch some private funds along the way, that would be great.


We made a nice donation last year before the doors opened, and we hope only the best for them.


It's great the Petty cars are doing well at Daytona with the new engines from Evernham.

Maybe now Kyle can have some fun driving this year, after all they been through.


If he wins Sunday, I don't think there would be a dry eye in the house.



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The camp is going to get at least $50.

Since that was half the reason for the entry fee, I wanted them to get a substantial donation.. They may end up getting more.


If you're reading this, all the bugs got placed on the 19th, so they're sitting in Daytona a mile from the track in a huge bucket.


They should all have 1 mile logged on them. They made a quick stop at Dale Earnhardt's virtual and then they went into the start cache.


I'm sure you've gotten notifications in your emails by now.. There should be three from today, two drops, one pick up.


I had that times 39... (37 bugs, 1 straggler, plus my owner logs)... UGH.. My poor email provider. Oh, yeah, and sorry jeremy. I'm sure that those 136 emails weren't system-happiness.


Anyway, the work is over. Now just sit back, watch the racing, and try not to swear when your bug goes from Darlington straight to texas. lol

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It's Race Day. I can't wait to see Little E win again. Good luck to everyone's favorite driver in the 500 and good luck to all TB owners. Looks like the green flag has dropped. :laughing:

As it all begins, I wish everyone good luck on the race route, may your bugs move well and stay on track!



As far as the real race today GO Rusty #2....Win it All.....I Love You!!!!


As far as the travel bug race......Go Kevin, Tony, and Ryan!!! Woo Hoo!!!

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DJ wanted to get to as many tracks as he could. I came into being with him and emailed the bug owner and asked if I could mail DJ down to Daytona. Bug owner said it would be okay, so I mailed DJ down with our bugs. He liked the company.


I just wish the NEFGA people would start moving our bugs!

I'm so impatient!

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One RACE cache. There is a difference.

As in, you can't take it from daytona to darlington to bristol. You have to leave it in darlington until someone else moves it and then you can pick it up again.


The first group are moving!!!!!


Elliott Sadler - Patty Moise - Dale Sr - Kerry Earnhardt - Dale Jr


All have been picked up! According to the log note:

Grabbed it to start the race.  :)  Will move north to within reach of

the Jax cachers.

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Yahoo is on crack.

Yesterday it screwed up my messanger.

Today it took me 18 attempts to properly update the website, which should have taken one try and 2 minutes...


It's not as updated as I'd like it to be, but I'm exhausted and not feeling well, so I really need out of this computer chair. The important thing is that I've updated the leader board and the news (including the news archive).

I'll do a little more cosmetic later.


For now, the only bugs that are listed in leader standings are bugs that are moving. That might change later, but I don't know.

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Looking it over, I now have some misgivings about World's Fastest Half Mile. It's disabled/missing now. I looked at some maps and it's on private property (Bristol Campground and Event Parking) that might not be too friendly (my experience is that private campgrounds tend to be strict as to what they allow on their land). If the owner replaces it, it might disappear again.


I need to correct and apoligize, at least partially.


I just back from a driving vacation that passed through Bristol, so I stopped by to find the caches near the track. I turns out that the campground fence is much farther back than I expected from the highway, so the World's Fastest Half Mile cache spot is actually on public (highway right-of-way) land. So that eliminates one of the objections.


It is still missing and disabled. And that road is plastered with No Parking signs (I guess to prevent race day problems although the signs are permanent, no idea if there is any enforcement when the track is silent), so access is either a long road walk from the nearby softball park, or an illegal stop and sprint.


Red Wings at White Top is a nice cache when the stream guarding it is low and a heck of a test when the stream is full and cold. No way to cross dry when the stream is full, but my feet were thawed out by the time I drove into Knoxville, barely.

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The first five bugs that had been picked up have now been placed in a TB "palace" 27 miles N from where they started.


The sixth bug to move from the starting line is KYLE PETTY! (Yay for me!) He hasn't been placed anywhere yet, but at least he's moved.


I do have some good news for everyone who's still at the start gate, but I'll save that news for later. :lol: Gotta have something good to tell y'all at some other point in time, don't I???

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Seeing as though there are so many bugs in the race, I'm going to post these pictures here. If you want the pics on your bug page, open the image, right click, save it, and then upload it to your bug page.











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Hi all!! I have been caching for a year but rarely visit the forums...so glad I did today! This is such a cool concept and I hope that everybody's bugs make it to the finish line. We live BETWEEN Bristol and Dover...so will try and help bugs move along when they reach this point! I'm setting the bugs on my watchlist so I can cheer them on and help them when they reach VA.


Good luck to all!!!!


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OK...I am trying to find all of the bugs like my log above mentions...sorry for bugging you all again..but who is #48? The Bug doesn't have any details on the page, driver name, anything. Just the number. Who does this car belong to, driver wise...


The rest I've been able to piece together from the forum posts...:P

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OK...I am trying to find all of the bugs like my log above mentions...sorry for bugging you all again..but who is #48? The Bug doesn't have any details on the page, driver name, anything. Just the number. Who does this car belong to, driver wise...


The rest I've been able to piece together from the forum posts...:P

#48 is Jimmie Johnson belongs to Ray&Rosie I believe

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Thanks for the help! I had Jimmie Johnson and Michael Waltrip on the list..I guess there's no Michael Waltrip?


Will be watching these guys!! I didn't even really know there were races like this...duh....maybe I can get in on the action next time!

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Yeah... I'm debating on that.

I mean, technically, the leaderboard is a mileage chart, but also, technically, this is -58 miles since it went in the opposite direction from the first cache.


Tell me what the rest of you think.

Do we go by mileage only?

Or is Terry Second because he's in the wrong direction? lol


In other news, I've had three rather interesting phone calls with Bobby Hamilton this week. Even if you're not a fan, he's a very cool person when you become personable with him.


I think I'm going to go over towards the shop to see if I can see the shop... And then scope out a possible cache location. :ph34r:

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At least you've gotten movement and placement, which over 20 of your fellow competitors haven't gotten yet. <_<


As far as a serious leaderboard statistic, the criteria should be distance to goal. I'm not sure how to make that criteria easy for Fly to compute and post, although I'm sure there are some web utilities out there that could help.

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