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It's Time To Prepare The Nascar Race!

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Actually, I have a diecast of Fireball Roberts. What's it worth to you? <_<


Racing Champions made at least one. I think I have one in the box of cars I used to play with. If not, I know that dad has extras at his store. He's good for very little outside of diecast, but this is why we keep him around.


I'm going home and will check Friday if you need me to, and then we can work something out.

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I'll add Terry and Richard to the list of taken drivers.

I'll check for that car when I go home this weekend. (Making a note of it!)


I'll be on the lookout for the bugs. If it doesn't get here in tomorrow's mail, though, I will not get it until Tuesday, since I'll be gone. Y'all will probably still be hearing from me, but I'll not be able to get my mail from 700 miles away.

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Well, Jimmie's here, safe and sound. I can hear him revving his engine from where I sit now. I think that I'll play with the website a bit more tonight. Not much I need to add right now in the way of anything, just two driver's names, but now that I have it functional, I want to make it pretty. lol.

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Just updated the website again and announced another award.


I've also created the account for the travel bug race.

The bugs will be logged into this account february 1. The same day I log them into the race, I will announce the caches for the race on the website and here in this thread.

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Ok fly46, my bugs arrived.


I'm just waiting for the Wife"s #97 1/64 diecast to get here in the mail,

and was told 2 - 3 more days.

Then all 3 entry's, plus the check is in the mail to you.


Dale Sr is ready...



One question, I just received my Travel Bug's.

You might have gone over this before,?

Just need the facts! you know, to be double sure!

Ok the question:

Do I log the new TB's I just received, or do you in Daytona?


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I've also created the account for the travel bug race.

The bugs will be logged into this account february 1. The same day I log them into the race, I will announce the caches for the race on the website and here in this thread.


did not see this, I am very new to this, and will need things spelled out sometimes.

Still leaves questions?


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I don't know if it got there while I was gone or not..

The postal guy is a dork and he has this issue with taking packages that weren't picked up in the office and trying to either shove them in the mailbox or re-deliver them at your door if you don't get into the office when it's open. I had a note monday saying I had a package, and I haven't checked in the office to see if it's still there or not, so theoretically it could have arrived while I was in ohio and he decided to shove so much crap in my box I almost couldn't get the stuff out, so it could have been because of that.

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Oh... It was horrible... Horrible I tell ya!

Harry Gant went off to spit his Skoal, and Jeff Burton and Elliott Sadler got into a fight about who was a better driver. When I opened the package, all Jeff Burton had proved was he was fairly mean in a fight and poor Elliott Sadler (who looks more like a cross between Matt Kenseth and Kurt Bush) is standing proudly.... with his head on the floor. *so* Out will come the crafter's tool kit, and I'll re-attatch his bobbly head (though it won't bobble anymore), and put it in a baggie - just in case.


Jeff has been put on probation until the off - season is over. If he gets in any more fights, I'll dock him 25 driver points. :rolleyes:


Seriously, though... Your bugs arrived and are 95% perfectly fine. lol.




*flies away mumbling something about 'Hermie, maybe, but not Elliott.....'*

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I can not believe someone stole my driver...I positively worship Rusty Wallace, and someone snatched him :rolleyes:


Ok, I'm done whining, and I am claiming my second favorite driver Kevin Harvick.


I have to order my bug tag, and find the actual bug I want to use, but you will have it long before February.


Super cool Idea!!! I love Nascar!

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There is Kenny and Mike, you know. <_<


Adding Kevin Harvick to the list.



Edited to add: Broke out the new crafter's tool kit and Elliott Sadler's head is now re-attatched. There will be no bobble, but at least it's not on the floor.

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If I can get a couple more TB tags in time (and -harder-find appropriate hitchhikers) I want to add Kasey Kahne and Edward Glenn "Fireball" Roberts to the race. Let's see how the old timers stack up to the "young guns"! For those who have never heard of Fireball Roberts follow this link:



This one may be a laminated card, since Revell and Action didn't do diecast in the 50s and 60s.

Go to ebay and search for Fireball Roberts. I just checked. YOu can get a 1/64 by Racing Champions. I have one in my archives already.

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Here is what happened when I tried to drill thru the trunk of a Racing Champions Ernie Irvan car. As they say in NASCAR, it just "done blowed up". I would suggest putting the chain thru the window.  :D7be0431c-dedf-4d9b-bff6-bd6f7865f1a9.jpg

Chain thru the window? How about a chain around the bumper locked to the nearest phone pole.


This is Swervin Irvin we're talkin' bout ya know! :D

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This is Swervin Irvin we're talkin' bout ya know! :rolleyes:

Yea, well here are his stats. Not bad, he is in the top 50 all time drivers. You knew it was going to be an exciting race when Ernie was around. He won the 1991 Daytona 500 driving for Morgan-McClure Motorsports (in the #4 car I am running). :unsure:


Ernie Irvan Career Stats



--12------------22--------15------68---- 124----66------315---$11,582,419

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I want to reserve RYAN NEWMAN as my driver. I checked the list on your webpage and he wasn't on it. So Ryan is mine. I just ordered my TB from GC.com. As soon as I recieve it, I will send it to you Priority Mail. I can't wait for the race to start.

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