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Best Maps 4 60cs


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I am new to geocaching and just received my 60cs :rolleyes:


Now I need to get some map software for it.

I am considering getting the National Geographic TOPO Northeastern

It this a good choice or is there something better I should be considering.


Mostly will use the 60cs for caching /hiking

a street map would also be cool however I have a nav system in the auto so not really needed.


Looking forward to everyones feedback



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I have NG topo, and use it to print maps, having imported caches from my 60C, but you cant load those maps onto the GPSr.


Only Garmin maps can be loaded onto a Garmin GPSr (ok, some people have hacked the code to let you load other images, but I'm not sure how practical that is. You can search this forum if you are interested).


Garmin Topo maps are pretty good. For on road, you'll want City Select v.6.

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Mapsource TOPO maps are 100K maps as opposed to NG TOPO maps which are 24K maps.

I use both and you are correct, in a fairly flat area the Mapsource TOPO maps are not very useful. But its all you go for the 60C unless you are in or near a national park. The National Park TOPO maps by Mapsource are 24K maps.


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Can your autonav system let you plug in coordinates and route you to the cache? If not then you might find City Select handy on your GPS.


Mapsource Topo is handy for trails in off road areas.


The USGS based quad map programs like National Geographic Topo are the best for your desktop PC and they let you work with waypoints and routes that you can upload and download to your GPS.

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I live in a fairly flat area and looking at the garmin map viewer near my area it looks like the contour lines these maps provide are basically useless.

Me too.


I've found Recreational Lakes with Fishing Hotspots to be a very good general purpose mapping source when contour lines aren't important.


I have Garmin's Points of Interest CD (because I owned a Venture for a while) so I load the Business and Marine POI layers in addition to the Recreational Lakes maps and have just about everying I could want. The Business Layer includes Interstate Exits.

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