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Street Maps For Garmin 60cs

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I have purchased a Garmin 60cs, due to arrive in a couple days. As I was looking over street maps in order to purchase one for the unit, I have come across 2 Garmin packages, City Select v6 and Metro Guide v6. Garmin says Metro Guide has the same basic information as City Select. What is the difference beween the two - and which should I purchase?




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I have been using autorouting on my 60c with City Select and it rocks. I just did a cache 15 miles from where I was staying and it took me right to the parking area over roads I had never been on before and had never even seen on a map. This is 650 miles from home. All I had to do was download the map area to the 60c. It is not quite as good if parking coords are not given, but close.

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