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Geocacher Demographics

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Let's see:





3 cats

Web Geek - been geeking on computers since the Zenith 100 days in the Air Force

Made it as far as Weblo in boy scouts

Master Mason

Don't have any idea about IQ. I'm smart enough to get my work done so that's good enough :back:

Will finish MS in Management Information Systems in September

Favorite Movie: Office Space and Continential Divide

2 GPSr so far



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Me play too. Some of this in my profile:




Early Adopter (Got my first GPSr in 1995. I buy DVDs all the time, but I forget to watch them.)


Never been married and no kids that I know of. (I’m holding out for a rich woman who is too proud to have her husband work.)

I’m not the sharpest knife in the drawer. I only score in the high 130’s on I.Q. tests.

I have been playing Poker since the mid-eighty’s. That’s wayyyy before it became fashionable.

I’m not musical, but I do own an electric guitar. I can ONLY play the first part of “Smoke on the Water.”

I’m sure I have vast undiscovered artistic talents, but I’m a bit of an underachiever. Did I mention that I was holding out for a rich woman who is too proud to have her husband work?

I spend at least a week alone in the Sierra Backcountry every year. So, I guess that means I like the outdoors.

I never had much use for computers except for doing paperwork and Geocaching.

I have NEVER downloaded music, or porn, from the internet.

I played D&D as a teenager for the same reasons that other teenagers smoke; peer pressure.

I liked the Indiana Jones Trilogy (OK, the second one really sucked.) I bought them all on DVD, but I still haven’t taken the time to watch them.

I love dogs, but I’m not around home long enough to allow myself to have one. My friend’s and family’s dogs go outta their minds with joy when they hear my car drive up.

I’m mostly indifferent to cats, but kittens are fun for about 10 minutes.

I never really ate paste, but I did try it once when I was in the first grade.

I read allot of fiction. Sci-Fi is a favorite. I actually try to write Sci-Fi and Horror, but I never have really finished anything to my satisfaction.

I never rode the short bus to school.

I NEVER believed in Santa Claus.

I lost a travel bug once. I found it just the other day. I’ve had it for over a year.

I don’t drink coffee or beer.

Krispy Kreme is just another donut to me.

I haven’t picked a sweet watermelon in over 3 years!

I like them French fried potaters.

I drive a red, 1998 Volkswagen Jetta.

I haven’t cut my back yard in over 6 months.

I almost never shop at Wal-Mart.

I sometimes wonder what napalm really smells like in the morning.

After almost a year, my sister still likes to have me read JoeFrog’s “Dead Monkey” story to her.

Not counting my Mom, I have never helped an old lady cross the street.

True story: I once broke my right femur trying to fly.

I make way too much money for someone without a degree.

I baby-sit adults for a living and if they're really good I let them play with guns.

I never met David Bowie, Mick Jagger, or Geraldo Rivera.

I have seen a blue whale close up.

I have been mistaken for a Phd. twice. (Once by a nerd from NASA and another time by a really cute marine biologist.)

Fact: More than a dozen people have told me that I would be one of their lifelines if they made it onto Millionaire.)

My father really was a rocket scientist at the time I was born.

I actually “Get” Andy Kaufman’s humor.

I would NEVER pay what they are asking for tickets to see The Blue Men.

I own EVERY album by Alan Parson’s Project.

I once paid over $200 for a rock.

I cry like a wee girl at the end of Bicentennial Man.

Fact: I can totally whup ANYONE at Halo.

I think the theory of an Ekpyrotic Universe makes allot more sense than the traditional Big Bang models.

I can’t decide which of Dali’s works that I like best.

I believe that Plastination is really an art form.

I don’t care if someone ends a sentence with a preposition.

I found a cache on 5/28 and I still haven’t bothered to log it. I got a speeding ticket that day too.

I constructed a Psychomantium in my guest bathroom, but nobody from “The Other Side” has bothered to say, “Hi.”


(I can add more if this isn’t enough.)


Sn :back::lol: gans

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OK, my turn, Male, age 52. Loved fishing when I was a kid in South Dakota, took up surfing when family moved to Florida (and quit fishing). Veteran, USAF. Divorced with one adult son. Always had dogs as a kid and hated cats. Now I have a cat! (Still like dogs, just don’t have the time for the maintenance.) Average intelligence, and the old hippy in me will always argue that the best music was from the sixties and early seventies. Besides geocaching, I love riding the Harley, and sometime I’m going to have to get back into scuba diving.

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I think the theory of an Ekpyrotic Universe makes allot more sense than the traditional Big Bang models.

Another unusual fact about myself... I actually spent the time to look up this theory and will probably spend a lot more time reading about it... though I won't admit that to any of my friends. I really enjoyed reading:

Beyond The Cosmos by Hugh Ross

Flatland by Edwin A. Abbott

But haven't finished: A Brief History of Time by Stephen Hawking


And... right now I'm reading a book about the Battle of Thermopylae. I'm doing this for no apparent reason and really enjoying it.


I wonder if any fellow geocachers share these interests.

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All about Imajika:


I am 31


I was and am a geek


I played D&D when I was younger. I mean D&D with paper and hex maps. My husband and I had a good D&D group until last year when half of our group got transferred to another state. :o


I am married


We have two cats.


I play Everquest frequently :P (maybe too frequently!)


I am addicted to Anime


I'm a big time DVD buyer. I love movies. Not counting my anime collection, we have about 1200 DVD's. :P


I work in law enforcement


I got my first computer when I was 12. :P I am definately a computer geek.


I didn't get into hiking until my hubby and I moved to Colorado in 1996. When we moved here, we both got interested in hiking, camping and snowshoe-ing.


I am a huge music fan and I have way too many cd's. I go to concerts a lot as well. Luckily a lot of great bands stop in Denver on their tours. :back:


My tongue is pierced and I have four tattoos.


I started taking violin lessons when I was 29. I am not great but I am getting better. :lol:


I do smoke but I rarely rarely drink.


I love making and trading Artist Trading Cards. It's a great hobby to do indoors when you can't go caching!


I was born and raised in Virginia Beach, VA. I moved to Colorado in 1996. My husband is in the Air Force and we got transferred to Colorado and we love it here!


My husband and I got married in Las Vegas, NV. We had t-shirts made that said, "bride" and "groom". We rented a limo and went through a drive thru chapel. We won enough money gambling to pay for the entire trip, our wedding rings and we had money to spare.


I got my first GPS (a Legend) as a Christmas gift in 2003. Some friends told me about geocaching and I decided I wanted a GPS for Christmas. I now have a Garmin 60cs.


I have a degree in Mortuary Science.


Okay, okay, I won't bore you anymore!

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-3 kids

-cheap dad who couldn't afford $20 a day last summer to do summer activities with the kids during summer break, so found out about geocaching

- 2 psycho cats

- I did play D&D as a teen....was a Ranger you know.

- have an interest in Apple computers, webpages, just wireless networked my Apple computer and an old P II dedicated for caching

- some intelligence, but try explaining that to some geomuggle who sees me crawling around on my hands and knees just off of a trail

- former Air Cadet, army reservist

- love being outdoors

- have a huge interest in geography

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I can’t decide which of Dali’s works that I like best.


I constructed a Psychomantium in my guest bathroom, but nobody from “The Other Side” has bothered to say, “Hi.”


Sn :back::lol: gans, you are friggin' hilarious.


BTW, I'm partial to "hallucinogenic torreador" myself. The use of the color red and shading really created quite an interesting trompe-l'oeil.


I fear your guest bathroom :o (I have the kind of luck that they would visit you while I was visiting the john)

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When I was a teenager, the most fun my friends and I had was discovering old, spooky places. Abandoned houses, old cemeteries where gangsters were supposedly buried, and just weird stuff like a dead tree that someone nailed sheets of cut tin to so that it looked like a man wearing a mask were always great finds. We’d often go out seeking the urban legend spots, too, such as the village of midgets (er… little people), a witch’s house, haunted houses, etc. It is certainly this adventurous/explorative character in me that is the reason I geocache.


That's interesting. In NJ, we have a magazine devoted to places like this called Weird NJ. They have a website and have recently started another one devoted to the USA called Weird US.


Anyway, it turns out that a lot of local geocachers are fans of Weird NJ magazine and quite a few caches here are devoted to sites mentioned in the magazine, which is why I even bring this up.

That looks like an interesting website!! I'll definitely be spending some time reading through it tonight. There's a Weird Wisconsin site but it isn't nearly as good as it could be... kind of disappointing, actually.



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OK! I want to add to the pile:


Demographics(little to no relevence, but it's nice to draw pictures in our heads-- sometimes):





In a marriage not yet legally recognized by most state governments

2 dogs (read: child substitutes)

live in a 105 year old haunted house

former jock(ette)--track, softball, rugby, hacky-sack, video games (national contender in Ms PacMan championship, owner of an original tabletop Pong game!)

Intellegence is relative to application--and average is for the majority, of which I've never belonged.



Skill Set:


instigator suprema

curious beyond words

electronics has grown up with me

voracious reader

think kids are the greatest invention EVER

can find the answer to almost anything

can't understand why people have ever thought within a box :lol:



Past Influences That Lead to Interest In Geocaching:


Left time capsules all over the place

Drew maps with maltese crosses on 'em and burned the edges with a lit match

Love myths and legends

Have been searching for my birth parents since I was 12 (the greatest geocache ever, if I find 'em!)

One of the first to own a TI calculator--and was shamed for the next 25 years into NEVER wearing anything on my belt--Thank goodness that all the closet geeks are coming out. I now proudly wear up to 4 or 5 things off my belt now! (cellphone, leather"wo"man, GPSr, locking blade knife, PDA, etc.) :P

Reading and escaping into stories

Building forts and caves and dodging the crazy lady at the end of the block as she shot rock salt from a 00-6 shotgun.

Being the only girl in a neighborhood full of rough and tumble boys

Being a tomboy (see above) :P

Having to look up words in the dictionary to check spelling, but could never find 'cause I COULDN'T SPELL THE WORD correctly to find it.

I love being outside.

I love tromping around with no one to bother.

I don't like NOT knowing stuff :o

I love the history of pirates. :back:


What the Future Holds:


I have a teaching job starting in August.

I will have 100 geocaches before summer's over.

I will get my students hooked on geocaching.

A yellow Jeep.

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Male, 55

Married, 2 sons, 2 grandaughters

Star Trek (Mr. Spock)


slide rule holder on my belt

wish I'd had a GPS in '70 when I was a supposed to be leading folks w/map & compass

board games (squad ldr.,3rd Reich etc.)

silent movies (german expressionism)

Frank Capracorn

enjoys the solitude of the hunt

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Gotta bring up the female content.


43 female

married 21 years to the guy that helped me pass University Calculus.

Have a BMath.

Certified Financial Planner

2 kids (1 in particular is a great lackey and solves all the puzzle caches for me - I am in an area which abounds with engineers who love puzzle caches)

2 cats


Have always hated the outdoors with the bugs and the heat and the cold and the rain. Hate to exercise but do it because I'm 43. Just this past weekend my friends that have known me for years have decided to look in my backyard for a pod. I had done a 20k bike cache and they are sure I have been possessed


I have no idea what attracted me to Geocaching other than I read the article last labour day weekend and right then and there decided I had to do it. The gathering of friends and family just looked very skeptical and made comment like ... "you do realize that it's hidden in the woods ... outside ... don't you?"


I like to create databases for useless things. I hate maintaining said databases. I love excel spreadsheets.


My first computer was a fat mac which has turned up again and will be turned into a clock for my living room as soon as I find the old system discs. I currently have 3 real computers (an ibook, older model imac and a new imac) and a PC. I have 2 GPSs, 4 digital cameras and 2 ipods. (Why hasn't the Apple Store come to Canada yet!!!!) I got a palm pilot for Mothers day for geocaching. Love it! I have 60c envy - my anniversary is on friday ... fingers crossed. I like gadgets, computers etc but I hate picking them out and hate going thought the excruciating agony of having to review each and every feature available and will be available in the "near" future.


I have LOVED the Amazing Race since it first appeared. In some small way I feel geacaching is my own small amazing race.


I Love to travel. I hate to camp.


Like science fantasy, fiction and spy novels hate murder mysteries. Favourite movie - Serenity opening April 05.


When I started in the fall I thought I would never do a cache in the rain or at night and that there was no way I would go in the winter. Done all three ... and at the same time. Now after having cached in 3 seasons. I'm not too fond of spring ... mosquitos!. -40 C great! Bug bites not so good. And don't even get me started on Ticks ..:back:.. and I've never even seen one. ... They are like Land Sharks. (tm Saturday Night Live). I'm thinking Urban micros are the way to go for the next few months.


I love to embarrass my teenagers - see below:


I like to have every gadget lined up on my mountain bike ... wire basket, gps, bell, ipod, ... if I could hook my cell phone to it I would.


Oh and lastly, I have found that I really enjoy writing epic logs. Who would have thought? I was always the mathie not very creative on the written side. But I do like to talk.

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:back: Some pretty hard acts to follow. Me, Male, mid-thirties, married. Work in a moderatlely high-tech aspect of National Defence, enjoy the outdoors and hiking. Collect anything old and rusty, cars, tractors, engines... Anyone need parts for a 1914 Avery? :lol: Like the excuse to get out and get some exercise without feeling like I am "working out".
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55 yrs old


2 yr old twins - one each


Used to show & Race Sleddogs but that got too expensive & frustrating.


You used to race sleddogs, but it was too expensive, so now you just have the inexpensive twins? :back: This tickled me a bit.






Love being outside and active.


Geocaching keeps Joani and I busy and is a great escape from our weird families. :lol:



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Ok, I'll bite.


* Male

* 33

* Married

* 2 dogs

* No kids but we are in the process of an international adoption (from Russia--hope to do some geocaching while I'm over there)

* Technical Writer for a software company in Springfield, Missouri

* Former junior high/high school English teacher

* College degrees in English, Secondary Education and Computer Information Technology (and I use those degrees in my job every day!)

* Slightly above average intelligence but have suspicions of being a slow learner (i.e., I'll get the job done better than most, but it'll take me a little bit longer to figure out what the heck it all means and how the heck I'm supposed to do it)

* Been a Baptist all my life

* Movie nut (I own over 1300). I love all kinds of movies (and yes, all the Indiana Jones movies too--I practically have them memorized). Don't have a favorite movie, but I believe some of the best ever made include: "The Wizard of Oz", "Citizen Kane", "Ben-Hur", "The Godfather", "Braveheart", "Schindler's List", "Platoon"...ok, I'll stop now...

* Favorite band: U2

* I love gadgets and anything that requires a laser beam to use

* Not exactly a computer techie geek but if necessary I can replace hard drives, CD-ROM drives, memory, video cards and firewire cards in my PC. Can also fumble through setting up a local network.

* New favorite hobby/sport is geocaching (of course).

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Enjoyed reading these posts . .






2 Kids - 7yo boy and almost 4 yo girl

1 dog, 1 cat both very spoiled

Played a little D&D in college, but didn't have the attention span for it

Liked LOTR waaaay before it was cool

Wore Birkenstocks waaaay before they were cool. Then quit wearing them when they were cool. Now wearing them again, as they are not so cool.

Not a tech geek and barely computer literate

We use my husband's GPSr. It was one of the first fairly affordable ones every made for the general public (got it in the early 90's, maybe late 80's?). He a pilot and was also into hiking, so that's why he wanted one.

I think I have average intelligence, but never had it tested. Common sense is about average, but that's arguable.

I do enjoy the outdoors, camping, and whatever other hobby comes along.

Thought geocaching would be an excellent way to spend time with my family, get the kids outside more often, teach them a few basics about being good stewards of the environment, etc.

I never buried things outside or made maps as a kid. But I am fired up now to see my kids doing it!

I thought the Indiana Jones movies were great entertainment, but haven't thought much about them since. However, now that you mention it, I wouldn't mind seeing them again.

All time favorite movie is probably the original "Endless Summer."

Love Warren Miller flicks, even though I don't ski or snowboard! (Hubby and son do.)

BTW, Briansnat, "The Seventh Seal" is one of my favorite movies, too. Bergman's best, IMHO.

My brother met Andy Kauffman. We hoped to see him return on May 16, but alas!

I gave birth to my last child at home (on purpose).

I don't watch too much TV at all, but spend waaaay too much time online.

Learned about geocaching from a newspaper article. Just had a 1-yr. geocacheversary. Our kids take us in a lot of different directions (which is great), so we only average about one geocaching adventure a month.


I think maybe our common bond is the desire for a little adventure in life. No?

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We are:


Rob and Paula

31 and 27, respectively

Married 9 years

First baby due this summer

1 dog

We want a kitten

Both relatively intelligent

High school educated

Paula stays at home

Rob is active duty Army

Camaro enthusiasts (first thing we did upon moving to El Paso was found a car club)

Were both Scouts as kids

Computer literate, Rob much more-so than Paula

Not into gadgets

Paula hates camping, but will quickly adapt if put in a new situation

Not really the outdoorsy-types (Rob sees enough of that with his job), but like the treasure-hunting aspect of geocaching

1 tattoo each

Never played D&D

Not into Sci-Fi


That's all we can come up with for now!


Paula :back:

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This is interesting reading...



- 38

- male

- married

- 2 kids (boy-5 and girl-8)

- 2 dogs

- programmer/analyst

- boyscout when I was a kid

- Love Raiders of the Lost Ark (Matrix, too)

- Got my wife into camping a few years ago and heard about geocaching on a camping forum earlier this year

- Love gadgets and was able to convince my wife that I should by a GPSr for this

- She and the kids really like it, but I think its' really my hobby that I drag them along for

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Male 35

Married no offspring :back:

He building automation industry, she accountant

3 cats Tom, Puff and Paisley

Played a little D&D :lol:

Love gadgets have too many

Love the outdoors spent 42 nights camping last year

7 so far this year (home renovations)

Hike kayak 4x4

Scout and cadet as a kid

Smoke du Maurier ultra light king size (will quit soon)

Drink Molson Canadian (will not quit soon) :o

Lots of tattoos few piercings

Geocache because it’s a blast and I like the extra income

Founding member of Team Phoenix

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I'm really enjoying this thread.


Here's my pertinent, (and some not so pertinent) info


37 yrs old

Macintosh specialist


3 kids

1 dog, 4 cats and 3 lizards


I was born and raised in Texas. This has always afforded me more time outside.


One of my favorite hobbies has always been catching snakes so crawling around in creek beds, after dark while trying to find something that doesn’t want to be found is somewhat second nature to me.


I’ve loved maps ever since third grade. We had a “Map Unit” in which we were supposed to draw a map of our route to and from school. I went nuts and mapped the entire west side of Plano, TX, to scale. Ever since, I’ve been hooked on knowing where this and that would fall on a map.


I couldn't stand my one year in Boy Scouts, (I think it was too structured for my rebellious nature). However, I loved Indian Guides since it was kind of amorphous.


I’m a bit of a geek in that I want to know how stuff works.


Julius Sumner Miller is one of my heroes. I will gladly skip a night’s sleep when he is on TV, (even though I’ve seen all the episodes multiple times).


More intelligent than most (IQ 142), but my competitive nature beats common sense into submission if there is a challenge presented to me. I refuse to let terrain be the deciding factor in a DNF and have punished my body on occasion in order to be FTF. Yes, I'm one of those FTF hounds that aggravates some of my fellow cachers to no end.


Video game geek; especially the Tomb Raider series, (which was inspired by Raiders of the Lost Ark).


My first favorite book, (I think I first read it in sixth grade) was Flight of the White Wolf. It’s about a boy whose pet wolf kills one of his dad’s prize sled dogs and then turns somewhat wild, refusing to come back to the kennel. The boy knows that his neighbors will kill the wolf if he stays nearby, so he leads to wolf to the northern part of the state to introduce him to a pack of his own kind.

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All about Imajika:


I work in law enforcement


My tongue is pierced and I have four tattoos.


That is so cool. Do you ever hear slack from your co-employees about the tongue ring?



No. :lol: I took the tongue ring out for my interviews but when I got the job and asked if I could wear it, they said yes as long as no one complains. 6 years later, and not one single complaint. :lol:

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I can’t decide which of Dali’s works that I like best.


I constructed a Psychomantium in my guest bathroom, but nobody from “The Other Side” has bothered to say, “Hi.”


Sn B)B) gans, you are friggin' hilarious.


BTW, I'm partial to "hallucinogenic torreador" myself. The use of the color red and shading really created quite an interesting trompe-l'oeil.


I fear your guest bathroom :lol: (I have the kind of luck that they would visit you while I was visiting the john)

I just like to SAY, "hallucinogenic torreador." I never get tired of it. :lol:


As for the Psychomantium, it probably doesn't work because I couldn't afford a black mirror. Those things are freakin exxxxxxpensive. Well, that and the fact that it should really be underground. Too much work for a lark. I just wanted to see next week's lottery numbers. Did I mention that I was a bit of an underachiever?


Sn :lol::D gans

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I never know what to make of these demographic polls, but oh well.


I am over 20 and under 50


my marital and dating status are irrelevant

I have a bunch of pets

I am a brilliant geek

I sing badger badger badger alot, have a belly button ring, collect pokemon items and I'm cute.


There is your info about me! :lol:


In reality it is pretty darn easy to learn about me.

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Ok...I've enjoyed reading everybody's credentials. Here's mine for what it's worth.


38 years old






4 Kids.... 14(girl), 12 (girl), 9(Boy), 2 (Boy)


Enjoy computers and gadgets but not really geeky about them. I still cache with minimal technology (yellow eTrex, printed out cache pages, and mapsource on a crappy laptop computer to get me from cache to cache.)


Work for Behr Paint as a Quality Control Lab tech.


Was a jock growing up...played baseball and hockey (Grade school basketball and football). Still obsessed with the White Sox (hate the dadgum Cubs) and Blackhawks


Love the band Rush...my favorite band since I was 12.


Never really liked being in the woods, camping or fishing. Still hate fishing! :lol:


Play guitar for relaxation


Love to golf


Never played D&D (Well, once in college but I couldn't take it after an hour)


Hate science fiction (Just not my thing, please don't flame me). Only watch comedys and adult XXX hardcore movies! LOL! :lol:


Started geocaching as a way to spend time with the kids when I was separated from the wife. I really enjoy the sense of accomplishment when you find something ...especially when there's a challenge.


I think I liked the fact that things are hidden right under people's noses and they don't know it's there but we do!


It's something different from every other activity that poeple I know are involved in. I guess it makes me feel unique or different. I hate following the crowd and doing the popular thing.


I really have met really great people and that is the best part of geocaching for me.

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More than you ever wanted to know about Mastifflover.


31 years old


Divorced but remarried to TinyDiny


6 year old daughter who lives with my ex


Night shift Supervisor at a well known refillable, windproof lighter factory.


Love animals: we currently have 3 dogs: Max a 13 year old mixed breed 60 pounds, Shreck a nine month old Great Dane 75 pounds, Hannibal a 1 1/2 year old English Mastiff 204 pounds. Spike a 1 year old Bearded Dragon. Gollom a 2 month old Pac Man Frog. And last but not least Sniffles our 1 1/2 year old psycho cat.


Scenic views and long hikes are ok but I really just like to find stuff. I like to see my find count go up and I'm not ashamed to admit it.


Above average IQ if you believe in the tests.


Worked law enforecement for a short time and also worked as a bouncer at a strip club for 2 years. Yes it was a fun job but someone had to do it. :lol:


Was a band head in high school. My mother wouldn't let me play footbal. :lol:


Have really lost interest in most of my other hobbies. Would still like to get back into powerlifting before I get too old. Used to be able to deadlift 525 but havn't done it in a couple of years.


Currently use a Garmin Vista but would like to upgrade to to a 60CS eventually.

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I sing badger badger badger alot, have a belly button ring, and I'm cute.

Badgers? Did someone mushroom, mushroom say badgers? I badger don't have an argh snake bellybadgerbutton ring, but I'm badger told that I mushroom mushroom act badger cute.


I also mushroom, mushroom invented badger speak. It's nice to badger know someone else is argh snake! afflicted.


I even mushroom, mushroom altered my badger sig line for this badger post.


Sn :lol::lol:gans

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I am male 14 played d+d once in my life and without dice nuntheless. Into backpacking, and computer gaming (1:00 is not to early to go to sleep) Am a Star scout in troop 50 (scout;tenderfoot;second class;first class;STAR;life;eagle) am my own species (american teenager- homo sleep deprivus) would not clasify myself as extreme sportist (unless you count ultra light backpacking) or tech geek (finally rid my computer of viruses)


OK I'm done :lol:

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I refuse to let terrain be the deciding factor in a DNF and have punished my body on occasion in order to be FTF. Yes, I'm one of those FTF hounds that aggravates some of my fellow cachers to no end.


Ahh! The famous MMACH5...

:lol: Also known in the Dallas area as the Night Cacher :lol:

MMACH5 aren't most of your finds done between 1 am and 4 am. :lol:

I'm still sleeping and dreaming at that time of the day (but, I never seem to remember my dreams, except the scary one where I'm falling into an abyss).

Good to see you in the forums, man! B)



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Ok, I'll bite. I am:


29 (30 just around the corner- yikes!)

married (to Bons)

1.1 kids (4 year old son, due in Feb with baby #2)

brighter than the average bear, but not strikingly so IMO

loves science fiction

geek- BS in Biology, work at a animal vaccine company currently.

hobbies include cooking, hockey, fishing, goofing off with Bons&Chris.


Bons introduced me to caching. Initially I went along out of curiousity/humoring him but ended up addicted. I still hate snakes and am not too keen on bugs (especially biting ones), but I've had such a great time that I don't mind (much). My favorite thing so far has been finding new and interesting places in an area of the country where I've always lived.



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Sn :lol:  :lol:gans

Oh great, now I'll be awake all night, with badgerbadgerbadger ENGRAVED on my brain.

Did you click the second link?

I tried to actually listen to the whole thing. No go. It never ends. It's a form of torture.

Actually, it changes verrrry subtly. You have to watch and listen for at least an hour EVERY day to really SEE. It's not torture. It's meditation. You must seek your inner badger.


Back on topic:


I moo at horses just to see the shocked expression on their faces.

I've never been bitten by a spider. (knock wood)

I mow my neighbor's yard because he can't.

I have a Yamaha V-Max, but I haven't ridden it in almost 6 years because I think it secretly wants to kill me. I won't sell it because I love it.

My highest score at Sporting Clays is 92, but I only average 75.

I never got an email from Mitsuko.

I have only ridden a Vespa scooter once.

The first thing I do when I get to work is check my internet email. :lol:

I aspire to outweird Oregone.

I never say "Cheese" when I get my picture taken.

I'm not the best tipper, but I ALWAYS tip.

I've only had one cavity in the last 20 years.

I almost never listen to sea shells.

I can catch eight quarters balanced on my elbow.

I can say Cinnamon, Aluminum, Linoleum, five times fast.

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Ok, guess it's my turn.


sex: As often as possible. Um, I mean male.


age: I will be 41 next month.


marital status: My wife and I just celebrated our 15th wedding anniversary in Las Vegas. And without the kids!!


speaking of kids: Ages 22, 12, 10, and 8 (oops, now 9 as of 3 days ago). All are boys except the youngest. (Yes, daddy's little girl).


pet one: Sadie, age 4, Golden Retriever. We have had her since she was 6 weeks old. She has always been kind of needy but now more so with the addition of Big Red.


pet two: Big Red, an 18 month old Golden Retriever, is the newest addition to the family. He is just a big galoot. We adopted him through Rescue a Golden of Arizona. If you're from Texas, you get the name.


education: I graduated from high school ranked 12th out of 610. I failed miserably in college. Now I think I am mentally stunted due to the kids .


fav movie: Although by no stretch of the imagination a great movie, I enjoy watching "Excalibur" once in a while. Not really a fan of the classic movies except for "It's A Wonderful Life".


books: I read a lot of books as a kid but couldn't tell you about a single one of them except some were the Hardy Boys. As a teenager, one of my older brothers turned me onto Stephen R. Donaldson's "The Chronicles of Thomas Covenant the Unbeliever". I still have all 6 from when I first purchased them in paperback. (late 70's, early 80's). Same brother also turned me onto "Richard Blade" series of books. I can't recall the author but they were relatively short books about a British agent that travelled to alternate worlds. Not sure if I still have them. I think they are in storage. I continue to read some sci-fi, but primarily read fantasy. I am now reading the Recluce series and the Lord of the Isles series.


AD&D: I played 2E in the mid-80's. By then, I was in my early/mid-twenties. I played with a regular group of 6 - 8 guys (and one girl) who were all in the Air Force. All moved due to the AF except one so pretty much stopped playing. Now I am starting my 12 & 10 year's old on it. Still not sure if I want to continue using 2E stuff or pony up lot's and lot's of money for 3.5.


computers/video: Never could beat single player Pong. First personal computer encounter was a friends Apple IIe. I remember staying up all night at his house playing "Odyssey, the Compleat Apventure". My first computer was a TI/4 (?). I taught myself the rudiments of BASIC. Although I enjoyed learning how to program, I never really followed up on continuing it. I now have 3 desktops (mine, hers, and the kids) and a laptop.


occupation: After almost 16 years with a large insurance company, I left my job last November due to my wife's promotion and transfer to Phoenix. I am finally gainfully employed in the financial services sector as of this past Monday.


cache mobile: Before the new job, it was a 1993 Dodge Gran Caravan which was referred to as the blue POS (piece of !@#%). After gaining employment, 2004 Dodge 1500 SLT quad-cab.


Other stuff: As a kid, I spent the days in the woods and creek behind the elementary school hunting with a BB gun or fishing. As a young teenager, loved fishing, hiking, and camping in Idaho. As a young parent, never really made the time or effort to be as outdoorsy as before. I was an assistant den leader for the Cub Scouts for about a year.


I have always had a good sense of direction.


Never did any of the treasure map stuff or hiding treasure.


Umm, I think that's all.

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...I have a Yamaha V-Max, but I haven't ridden it in almost 6 years because I think it secretly wants to kill me. I won't sell it because I love it...

I see you truly understand motorcyles.


Whoah, I sold my Maxim 550 because I saw a Honda Magna. It was love at first site. Both on the Maxim and the Magna. I never actually bought a Magna because the Maxim was the most fun I ever had trying to kill myself. I love motocyles and will probably never get one again...Unless some cute chick that I'm just happening to be walking by has a Magna for sale. Did I mention that's how I got the Maxim?

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The other common thread is that we like finding hidden stuff.


Yeah, what he said.


48, female, geeky (found geocaching from the Scientific American article: say no more.) Was accessing the internet through Mosaic before some of you were born. Actually used punch cards my first year at work. Engineer. Physics/math major. Married to a speech therapist/private pilot/guitar player. Our kid rides the short bus (no joke). Have a hard-headed German Shepherd.


Played D&D some a long time ago, and think there are far too many lawful people around, especially on forums. Give me chaotic any day, good or otherwise. I have loved maps and the feeling of knowing just where you are ever since seeing those great British Underground maps. Read The Hobbit when I was 8 (found it on a trip abroad) and the first two LOTR books shortly after....I waited for months until the Return of the King finally shipped from England.


It's the sense of wonder about finding things out that is so appealing. When you find out there is a whole different way of looking at the world, that was hidden from you before, but learning something opens it up to you: that is perfect.


Motorsports did that for me too. I used to just drive a car. Then I started autocrossing....this is going to be hard to explain briefly. So I'll just say that it literally opened up a whole new world for me. Now 18-year-old tattood kids with ancient rusty VWs will occasionally talk to me on terms of equality, and I know which dirt track all those haulers are going to on Friday night.


I showed a friend at work the geocaching map with all the local geocaches shown, and his jaw literally dropped. That's exactly the feeling. All that was there, and he didn't know it. Like the transit of Venus....we live in a world of wonders, but so many of them are hidden.

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Funny thing is... the only people that are responding here are the people who read and respond to the forums...


I think that there is a whole big group of geocachers who probably never come here.

Ya think?


So this is really the "Geoforumdemographics" thread.

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MMACH5 aren't most of your finds done between 1 am and 4 am.

Yes, I do most of my caching at night; the kids are asleep and my wife pretty well wants me out of her hair for a bit. :lol: Besides, I come from a long line of sleep disorders. My dad, sisters and grandfather are all night-owls. I don't mind missing sleep for a fun/difficult cache or FTF.

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...I have a Yamaha V-Max, but I haven't ridden it in almost 6 years because I think it secretly wants to kill me. I won't sell it because I love it...

I see you truly understand motorcyles.


I understand the magnetic pull of the Harley-Davidson showroom. I want a FatBoy so, so bad. I can actually AFFORD one now, but I refuse to pay an extra 10K for the name. Still, I hafta shield my eyes when I drive bye because I too buy motorcycles on impulse. I'd ONLY be doing it to impress a chick and there are practical matters to attend to first.


Back on topic:


I’m 6 feet tall.

I love fried squid.

I pulled skeet for Billy Gibbons (ZZ Top/Got my Eliminator album signed too.) among other notables, when I was a kid.

All my “Exes” really do live in Texas.

I hate to valet park my own car.

I can say dirty words in more than 6 languages.

In the town where I was born, lived a man who sailed the sea. Of THAT I’m sure.

I’m pretty sure that if I bought a round bed, people would never be able to ask if I got up on the wrong side.

Whenever I hear, “I’ll have 4 fried chickens, 2 slices of dry white toast, and a Coke,” I can only “Think” about one thing.

I bought a mountain bike in 1989 and I rode it like, twice.

I’m Agnostic, and I wish to God people would stop thinking that makes me an Atheist.

I misplace my car keys all freakin the time at home, but never at work.

I really did buy a book on “How to stop Procrastinating,” but I put off reading it.

I have to wear a uniform unless I’m teaching a class.

I have ALL of Stephen King’s novels in hardback. (Except the one’s that never had a hardback edition.) True Story: I check every Stephen King hardback, in a used bookstore, for red page numbers. I haven’t found one yet. Darn.

I won’t eat eggplant either.

I never met a Geocacher that I didn’t like.

I have read “The Clan of the Cave Bear,” at least seven times.

I actually saw Wang Chun in concert. YES, of course I did the “Safety Dance.” It didn't seem so gay then.

I HAVE to use the 10% off coupons that Best Buy sends me in the mail. I secretly think they coat the paper with a chemical that makes me crave new DVD’s.

MW sent me flowers.

I never wanted a pony.

I’m on the national “DO NOT CALL LIST” for telemarketers.

I won $87 bucks on the Texas lottery (4 numbers) in January, and I can’t find the freakin ticket!!!

I can’t retire yet, but I’m vested at 9% dollar for dollar.

I know the Latin names of all my favorite Cephalopods.

I know that steamundus is not really veriovundus, but I’m not really sure what it is.

I’d rather have a bottle in front of me than a frontal lobotomy.

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I love the outdoors and love a challenge, I am also not a "girly girl, and would rather skip in the mud in the pouring rain searching for tuipperware than worry about my hair and makeup




2 kids ages 6 and 1

Hubby hates caching..............does not "get" what the big deal

Wore glasses since 3rd grade so that alone qualifies me as a geek

I believe I have Adult ADD so geocaching is perfect for me


Born and raised in South Florida


** I was "turned on" to Geocaching thru another addiction of mine, the Miami Herald Tropic/ Herald hunt, once a year a few thousand of us gather in South Floirda for a scavenger/mind puzzle....lots of fun and no really big prize, most play it for the adventure and the challenge....a fellow geocacher named PinkFloyd runs the Hunt Fan unoffical site at Tropic hunt check it out!!

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Sex, gender, age, marital status, occupation... nothing unusual there.


I never had an interest in computers, gadgets, and computer games, which makes me sort of an oddity in this forum, huh?


I am a compulsive photographer- I use a big SLR, not a digital.


I don't get hangovers no matter what I drink, how much I drink, or what combination of things I drink.


I've lived in a lot of places and loved/hated every single one of them.


I have been trying to teach my dog to say 'Mama' for two years. I know he's capable of it. He's just being stubborn. I still take him geocaching with me sometimes.


I like finding things strangers have planted somewhere off the beaten path. It's a holdover from a childhood of reading about explorers and pirates and mysteries and whatnot.


I didn't start saying 'whatnot' until three years ago when a guy I worked with used it all the time.

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Like many before:


Age 50, Male


Married for 28 years, 2 daughters, 1 married and finished with college, one still a student at UC Davis


An actual "certified genius" (go figure)


Have always enjoyed the outdoors but these last few years have been tougher because the old knees aren't what they used to be.


Very much a "gadget-happy American".


Have always built my own computers from components.


Active in my church and am close to my extended family. (one of 9 children)


That's my new grandson pictured over there on the left. Family is the most important thing to me.

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