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Leaving An Area


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We are leaving an area where we still have about 10 active caches. It is a 4 hr drive to our new home, so maintaining the caches will be difficult, if not impossible.


What experiences are out there regarding this situation? Do folks typically just keep ownership of such caches, until they are lost or require archiving for other reasons, or find a local geocacher / friend to take over ownership?


Fortunately Hurricanes Francis and Jeanne reduced the number we have from about 50 to 10 (did I say fortunately??), so it is not quite such a challenge. But wondering what others have done.



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We've had some people in our area place caches and subsequently moved. The caches have become a problem to deal with. I'd recommend either simply archiving them, or trying to find someone to adopt them. Post a note on the cache page and/or your local forum.



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