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Gpsbabelwrapper - Gui Frontend

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A new fully functional Windows Frontend to GPSBabel is posted here.


It requires .NET Framework (which you are likely to have on your XP computer anyway). Provides complete access to all functions (file format options, filters etc.) of GPSBabel without typing on the command prompt. Installer includes the latest version of GPSBabel, but you can point the Wrapper to your own copy. The Wrapper will use QuakeMap as a mapping engine, if it is installed, but is fully functional without it.


The best of all, GPSBabelWrapper is FREE, no trial periods, no strings attached.


Thousand thanks to everybody who provided help, testing and advice; special thanks to GPSBabel author Robert Lipe and all contributors to GPSBabel project for their program.



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I "support" it in the sense that it sounds like a good idea, the implementation seems reasonable, and conversations with the author make me think he's clueful. :-) I didn't actually participate in the development of this wrapper.


I haven't actually used the program in question. I've been meaning to, but have had such unreasonable access to a Windows system lately that I've been unable to check it out.


P.S. 'snlen' and 'suppresswhite' on the example screen makes for a pretty picture, but those are output options, not input options. :-)

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A GUI would be nice, if it were written in another langauge. To use this program I have to add 24Meg of overhead to my computer with another MicroBlott product - which I don't know what it does or how it will mess up my system.


The GUI looks nice - just wish it were in C or python or even java.

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