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Lost To The Hurricane?

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There is a great series of caches near Homosassa FL that require boat access.


GCG8MG - Banana Wind

GCG8MH - One Particular Harbour

GCG8MJ - Kick It In Second Wind

GCG8MN - Incommunicado

GCG8MQ - Growing Older But Not Up


Of those only Banana Wind was permanantly lost to the storms.

Only Kick It In Second Wind was unaffected.

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Quite a few were lost around Destin Florida where my parents live.


From looking at waypoints on the map, the ones that were lost were ones on the beaches or very near the water.


When I went down a few days after Ivan came through, I stopped at one cache located in the forest a few hundred yards from a highway. I was surprised to find it intact with a very lightweight piece of bark still on top of the cache as camoflauge.

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Many of the caches in Southwest Florida that were destroyed have be replaced except for a few. One of my webcam caches was destroyed and the town didn't know when they would have the $$ to replace it.


There are several island based caches whose existance is still in question due to access. Some of them were vacation caches that were placed before the ban or slipped in nefariously and I am not sorry to see them go.

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Hurricane Ivan did a number on those of us in Northwest Florida and YuccaPatrol was correct that most of the damage came to the caches near the water. However, many of our inland caches were also destroyed due to the downed trees. We are gradually getting all of them back to speed and welcome those of you who have never seen the sugar white sands of Northwest Florida to come visit.

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My son and I lost about 70% of our caches -- mostly along the Atlantic coast -- to Hurricanes Francis and Jeanne. They also claimed part of my roof! We archived all of the caches right before the first storm, and then over the next two months, checked their status. Some were completely gone and others ended up being in dangerous locations and were removed for that reason. It is amazing how a hurricane can change the landscape. We live in Jupiter, which was in the eyewall of both storms.

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