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The Page Cannot Be Displayed


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I run a query or search by zip code and I get a list of caches, 20 caches per page. I can open every cache on the first page no problem.


But, whenever I open a cache on page 2 or beyond, and hit the back button, I get the dreaded White Page with "The page cannot be displayed" along with a long list of things to do to fix the problem, none of which work.


When I hit refresh, it always goes back to the first page of the list, even if I was on page 3, 4, 5, etc.


This just started a week or so ago. It is happening on both my computers. I am running Internet Explorer and Window XP.


Can someone help me before I go insane :)

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"Page cannot be displayed" is an IE "friendly HTTP error message" Because of the page state method used for some pages (and several on geocaching.com), the back button cannot properly be used.


Opening in a new window preserves the original window and is really the only solution (other than the designer changing the way the web application keeps track of user state).

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If neither of the previous suggestions works for you, then you might have something on your machine that interferes with your Java (or Javascript, not sure which one it would be). I had the exact same problem you're talking about several months ago and I couldn't figure it out. For some reason it worked fine inside AOL using the dumb browser they provide (which I never use if I can help it) but the problem existed when I was using I.E. from my desktop.


There were other things happening which told me I had some Spy-ware running. After I downloaded a couple of programs to get rid of the Spy-ware, the problems with my Java (or Javascript) went away.


Hopefully that's more food for thought.


Spy-ware and Ad-ware are bad, mmmkay?

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