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Geocaching On The Bill

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I only watched this rubbish for research purposes, of course, and I spotted the geocaching connection ages ago (yeah, right).


But tonight's episode revealed that the kidnapped girl was being held at the end of an elaborate puzzle multicache where the detectives were given clues around the area, and on a website. The clues eventually made up a Lat/Long co-ordinate, which led to a container in London, which held the missing girl.


Which one of you thought up this convoluted plot?



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Were you sitting there like me shouting out "Just go and find a local geocacher - they'll solve the code for you, no problem!"?!!


BTW I never usually watch the Bill, but my parnter never misses it - I only watched it last night so I coud gloat at how obvious the puzzle was to a geocacher!


My favourite bit was when that bloke barked out to Shelley "Is this anything to do with GPS?"!!

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A tour of the local area, elaborate puzzle, girl held in chains? Sounds like a Simply Paul number to me ;)

Let me make it quite clear, I never mix business with pleasure. My association with girls in chains is strictly work-related and I set caches for fun. The tour of a local area and elaborate puzzle I'll happily hold my hand up to though.


SP <_<

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