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Hardest / Most Challenging Cache Ever?

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Finding this cache took me 3.5 days. On the first two days in June I had to abort the mission three stages away from the final cache because I hurt my knee on one of the descents. Distance covered: 23 miles, change in altitude: 12.000 feet

Returning to the cache in August I finished the last three missing stages on the first day, but arrived at the cache location pretty late in the day and aborted the search since I needed some sunlight for the descent. Distance covered: 8 miles, change in altitude: 4.500 feet

On the next day I finally found the cache. Distance covered: 3.5 miles, change in altitude: 2.500 feet

Thanks to this cache I now know a beautiful part of carinthia really well (better than friends of mine who live just below this mountain) and finished a hiking trip that I will probably remember fondly for the rest of my life.


(almost) DNF

It took me about one year, 4 'real' tries and 3 'I'm already in the area, why not waste 30 min of fruitless search for the dadgum micro' tries to finally find it.


Cache containers? Of all the caches I found only one was an actual ammo-box (Golden Eye )

This cache gets high points in this category from me - an enormous box in a very urban setting.

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By the Masters of Camouflage, Fishing Freaks, WST Micro, as this one was "for IK" we obviously had to find it, or die on the bridge trying.


The ultimate urban micro, Doombot's incomparable Emptor Paradiso


Also by Doombot, the cache I most want to find Dark Skies


The most wonderful all day adventure cache - what one of the Aussie cachers calls a "golden cache" "Where the Green Fern Grows" by Ol'BubbaHide


Now sadly archived, the Infochallenges, InfoChallenge East, my personal favorite of the series InfoChallenge North, InfoChallenge West, InfoChallenge South, and if you did them all the finale InfoChallenge Center

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Since puzzles frustrate the bejesus out of me...My biggest challenge to date was the Upper Yough Trek. This was the only time I actually doubted if we were going to make it to the cache. After finding it, we actually considered what to do if some of us couldn't make it out, since one member of our group became ill from what we thought was heat exaustion. It later turned out to be a chronic Strep infection.


This is a 4.5 mile hike to where the trail ends, then a 0.5 mile rock hop along a major river with class 5 rapids under your feet. Then you have to go back the same way you came for a grand total of about 10 miles. One of our crew that day named a particular rock "The Rock of Death". To top off all the terrain difficulties, there is a slight fear of getting accosted by angry landowners if you stray to far off the (public) river corridor.


IMO the difficulty rating for the cache should be a bit higher, but the 4.5 terrain rating is just right. Finding a cache quite like this one will be tough to top.



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the most challenging for me to date is the patch reef by air raid fan. its right on the ohio river by the locks. myself and lost fool were going to attempt to do it on nov 20th. if you read the cache page and take a look at some of mine and arfs pics youll understand why i feel this is the most challenging cache i have tried.

there are two caches , they are the patch reef(GCKD8Z) and patch reef beach


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Ill tell ya what... after reading some of these adventures, logs and cache descriptions, there better be something nicer than a smiley waiting for me. :-))

Not me! I think the most challenging one I've found to date would be this one.

It's a virtual, so it was ALL about the adventure (and the smiley!), not the McToys.

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This is the hardest cache I have found. I did it in three stages and it was still a four mile walk.


I think this is the hardest cache I have helped hide.

The initial stage will require you being able to go underground to a depth of about 6 feet, and go in about 35 feet total. It is VERY dark and close in some places.

The second stage is absolutely going to require rappelling/belaying to obtain. The location was deliberately chosen to eliminate all but a very competent climber from obtaining.

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HADIDAH'S METEORITE (GCAA76) is two days drive across sand desert: no roads, no gas stations and no stores. The find once you arrive is not diffcult.



WOWEEEEE!!! Wayyyyy the heck out in the Rub. Cool! That's on my list if I ever get reassigned to Dhahran. I'll have to tell my boss about that spot. He loves the Rub. ;)

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