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Happy Thanksgiving


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Wishing ya'all a great and happy Thanksgiving this year.


Just curious how many of ya'all are going caching on Thanksgiving day. I've been thinking the best way to keep from being as stuffed as the turkey is to skip the meal and go caching instead. :laughing:


Seriously I am thankful this year. One of the things I am thankful for is all my new friends I have ment through caching. It has been great! I am looking forward to meeting more and it sounds like I will at the next Iron horse event in the spring.


Anyone else want to post their thanksgivings? :ph34r:

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I’m thankful for my freedom of speech and especially thankful for the boys and girls overseas that make it happen!

Also I’m over the top grateful for all the wonderful friends I’ve made thru caching.

Oh and the wonderful husband for all of his patients.


Eat lots and play hard!


oh oh oh and Patudles what a great topic...



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I am thankful for the fun of discovering a new hobby, all the friends I have made from caching and elsewhere, my husband, Thing 1 and Thing 2 and the rest of our family. I'm thankful to live in such a beautiful part of the country with so many green spaces and a new way to explore them!


And while I don't think I'll get away with caching on the way down to my brother's place for Thanksgiving, I think we'll take a family outing on Friday and cache along the way! I'm super thankful we'll be travelling back to Houston for Christmas where we can cache where it's (hopefully!) warm for a while. All this tromping out in the rain gets me a bit waterlogged... ;)

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I'm thankful that it's 85 degrees outside!


I'm also thankful that I got to spend Thanksgiving Day with these guys.




We worked together to repair some of their desks.


This afternoon I'll have turkey dinner with some old friends and some new ones, too, with our toes in the sand.


By the way, how's the weather up there in the PNW? I'll be here in Zihuatanejo, Mexico for 12 more days before I have to return to the short, cold, wet, gray days of Portland.


Hasta Luego, Amigos!

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