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Any Book Suggestions?

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Any hiking trail books suggestion out there?


I own the following:


Nature Walks in New Jersey - Scherer

Fifty Hikes in New Jersey - Scofield et al

Best Hikes with Children in New Jersey - Zatz

Circuit Hikes in Northern New Jersey - Scofield

24 Great Rail-Trails of New Jersey - Penna

Great Hikes in the Poconos - Newman

Hiking the Endless Mountains - Mitchell


The following are on my list to buy:


New Jersey Walk Book - Chazin

New York Walk Book - Dickinson

Kittatinny Trails - Boysen (NEW! @ nynjtc)

50 Hikes in Eastern Pennsylvania:

From the Mason-Dixon Line to the Poconos and North Mountain - Thwaites


Thanx doooods!

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I think you have nearly every book I would have mentioned covered. Circuit Hikes in NJ, the NJ Walk Book and the NY Walk Book are the best of the bunch. I haven't read the new Boysen book yet, but I was hiking with him a few weeks ago. Nice guy. I'm sure its a great one and its on my Christmas wish list.


One very interesting one that you missed is Iron Mine Trails by Ed Lenik


Nature Walks in New Jersey - Scherer


I saw this one today while in Campmor and I was wondering if the author was realated to a local geocacher who has the same last name.

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Your current list only includes books about hiking areas in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Thus my additions will only mention those areas.


First, look at the books supplied by the New York/New Jersey Trail Conference (NYNJTC). A good set of Pennsylvania books are supplied by the Keystone Trail Association (KTA).


Another book for Pennsylvania not listed by the KTA is “Hiking Pennsylvania" by Rhonda and George Ostertag.


A note about “50 Hikes in Eastern Pennsylvania”. The latest edition is by Thwaites, there is an earlier edition by Carolyn Hoffman. I own both copies and there is very little that is redundant. They really compliment each other.

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I'd also consider books on the trails in NY like Harriman and the like. There are a lot available, so I'm asking for recommendations.


A note about “50 Hikes in Eastern Pennsylvania”.  The latest edition is by Thwaites, there is an earlier edition by Carolyn Hoffman.  I own both copies and there is very little that is redundant.  They really compliment each other.


I'm a little weary about buying books that are too old, as things change some with time.


Thanks for the lead about The Keystone Trail Association. I'll check them out.


Any opinions would be appreciated.

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If you're interested in hiking to the north of NJ some more good ones are:


"Catskill Mountain Guide" by Peter Kick


"Shawangunks Trail Companion" by Jeffrey Perls


"Harriman Trails: A Guide & History" by Peter Myles (this one is particularly good)


"Catskill Trails, A Ranger's Guide to the High Peaks" - by Edward Henry


"50 Hikes in the Lower Hudson Valley" by Stella Green and Neil Zimmerman (Stella also happens to be an avid local geocacher who is closing in on 400 finds)

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You may already have done this, but I would advise buying all the maps published for our area by NYNJ Trail Conference (www.nynjtc.org).You might also check out the Rod Johnson Maps of Northern New Jersey (http://www.map-maker.net/). The New Jersey Walk Book and the New York Walk Book provide overviews of what is out there, but not enough detailed information to hike with these alone. My favorite guide books are Harriman Trails by William Miles and the ADK Guide to the Catskill Trails. You might also want The Appalachian Trail Guide for New York/New Jersey and the Long Path Guide. These cover areas on these long distance trails not dealt with by any of the other guides. There also many online sources of info, here are a few of my favorite links:








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OK. Today I got orders from Overstock and NYNJTC. :)


From NYNJTC I got a boat load of maps and "Kittatinny Trails".


From Overstock came

"New Jersey Walk Book",

"New York Walk Book",

"Catskill Mountain Guide",

"Shawangunks Trail Companion" and

"Best Hikes with Children in the Catskills and Hudson River Valley".


They still owe me

"50 Hikes in the Lower Hudson Valley",

"Iron Mine Trails" and

"50 Hikes in Eastern Pennsylvania".


Amazon is dragging their a** getting my

"Harriman Trails: A Guide & History" out.


I'll get 2 "Catskill Trails, A Ranger's Guide to the High Peaks" books later. I've got plenty of reading material for now! :huh:


Of course I'm always open to more suggestions! Can you tell I'm a book hound? Maps too. :laughing:

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