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Unlocking Cs V6 With One Gps And Two Computers.


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I just purchased a gps map 60c and also bought city select v6. I loaded the maps on my desktop and then unlocked them according to the instructions in the manuals and the website. It gave me one unlock and I see in the manual that there is the possibility of a second unlock code for a second GPS. What do I do if I want to load the city select on to my laptop ( a second computer) but still use the one GPS? Does that make me use a second unlock code even thought I am using just my one GPS? If I were to ever purchase a second gps would I then have to purchase an additional unlock code? It doesn't seem right to do it that way? Any one know? Any help would be appreciated. The more you can explain the better. Thanks.

Kirk out.

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The restriction is just on the number of different GPS units (2) that you can get use with a single purchase of the City Select maps. The unlock code is tied to the serial number of a particular GPS, so the limit of 2 unlock codes restricts you to two GPS units. But the same unlock code can be used on various computers so you can load the maps on your home desktop, work desktop, laptops, etc.

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