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I'm one of the "Not really fussed much either way" crowd. I don't trade more than 50% of the time at best. I always try and cover all age groups. A few Hotwheels, or similar for the kids, some Cylume sticks, 'cause everyone seems to like those, some neat survvial kits that I found at Wal-Mart for about $4.00 each...

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I like useful items, especially things I can never have too many of, like tape measures. Whenever I find one in a cache, I take it because whenever I need a tape measure around the house I can't find one. But I do find them all over the place when I'm NOT looking for them :mad: .


I also will take outdoors related items like fire starters, hand/toe warmers, mylar emergency blankets (until I had one in every pack), survival whistles (same as mylar blankets), trail maps, fishing lures and duct tape.

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It's hard to say what I like. It's really whatever I think looks cool. I like signature items, and I will usually take one of those. I'm putting up a shelf with cool little reminders of caches I went to. I've only been to 4 caches so far, and I've taken a McDonald's beanie baby lobster, a 1918 penny, a Team Truck sig item (pig key chain), and Team Gecko's sig item...a gecko (surprised, huh?). I like the little cars too, and the next cool one I see, I will take.

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I think magnets are a pretty good item - - not expensive and we all have a refrigerator. I often drop off matchbox cars if the cache seems like it will get a fair number of visits from kids. Some folks seem to get sick of them, but I also like carabiners - - I always seem to be able to use another one because I am constantly losing them.


In my area (Va/Md/DC) I have not seen anything in a cache that looked like it cost more than a few dollars - - but then again the caches I have visited so far have not required a hike of more than .3 miles. I am planning a cache for a nearby hiking trail and I plan to put it at least .5 miles away from the obvious parking spot. In that cache I plan on filling it with some items that I would be willing to hike a mile into the woods to retrieve.


But as they say, it is the hunt not the treasure.

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There`s aleays the waterproof disposable camera for other cachers to take pics of themselves.Not necesarily a trade item,but fun nontheless when developed :lol:

I was thinking about this, but what if someone finds it and takes a photo of something that shouldn't have a photo taken of (if you know what I mean)? Then I'm the one to blame when I get it developed! :D

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I like the off the wall trades. I am new but I have used Vegas chips..>I have taken a chip from Monaco. I have left some unique pins. I think geopins and sig items are cool. One of the last caches I visited had only Mctoys in it. All I had was Wine Glass Markers. No trade there. I would like pocket knives but I understand the ban on them.


Look in a drawer that you have put "whatever" in and give it a go.

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I like hand made stuff that is neet. I leave chainmail balls as my signature item. I have been known to leave chainmail pouches in caches I place and caches that I realy like. There is another geocacher in my area, who dose costom woodwork for a living, who makes the coolest keychains to leave in caches. I also heard about a cacher who makes clocks from old hard drives that he will sometimes leave in a cache he likes. If you have any craft skills geocaching is a great way to show off.

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There`s aleays the waterproof disposable camera for other cachers to take pics of themselves.Not necesarily a trade item,but fun nontheless when developed :lol:

I was thinking about this, but what if someone finds it and takes a photo of something that shouldn't have a photo taken of (if you know what I mean)? Then I'm the one to blame when I get it developed! :D

I suppose thats possilble,but it would seem that if someone was immature enough to do something like that ,they`d probably wouldn`t stop there.Trash the cache or ?? I have a cache that I included a camera on my property, the only folks trespassing are cachers,so that particular application works for me.There are caches around my town that also contain cameras,but I havent heard of anyone misusing them.

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It always is a good thing to include a wide variety of items for all ages. Recently I found a packet of Bug repellent wipes in a cache, Good trade item if you ask me!I have a head start on next years "skeeto season". Also, personal "sig" items are always fun to pick up. Theme caches are fun, but you have to be prepared when you go so you have the right items for trading. You also have to expect some people won't trade within the theme, but it is all for fun anyway right! Cache on, see you on the trail!

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It doesn't matter too much to me what I find in a cache, as long as it's dry. I carry a variety of trade items with me ranging in value from 25¢ to $5.00 and I usually try to trade even. There have been several caches I have visited where I have had to put all the watersoaked wood and paper items in my CITO bag. I really appreciate a cache where all the items are in individual zip-lock bags.



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I'm putting together a brand new geocache. I want it to be the best one yet; as far as contents are concerned, at least. What are your ideas of things you'd like to find? Nothing too expensive, yet, nothing too boring. :yikes:

In my opinion, you can't go wrong with Krugerrands. I would like to find those.

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For my first cache I hid, I too wanted it to be appealing. Especially since there are very few around me, and non for at least 20 miles in any direction. So, if someone was to drive all this way out here, I wanted it to at least be good. I had a mix of cars for kids, Movie stuff, Flashlight, handwarmers, and of course, for the FTF, I spiced it up and put in a pocket LCD TV. (Ok, so I went a LITTLE overboard). But, it's been very well recieved, and the people who have found it, have been very gracious as well, and always traded even. I think they fould it nice to see a cache with more than just McToys in it. Not that I have a huge problem with kid-styled caches, but something a little more chingy tends to up the level of intrigue more.


LED Flashlights are always handy, and can be had for 10 bucks, unless you want to really up the ante, and spend more on them. Anything that cachers can use in the field, i think, is a definate plus. I carry a multi-pen (pen, light, and PDA Stylus all in one) that cost me about 20 bucks I think. Could be interesting. (I know I can't set it down without it being eyed by everyone lol). Field kits, lotto cards, maybe gift cards or prepaid credit cards maybe. Anything you would like to find, chances are someone else would too!

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As a brand new cacher without kids I would like to see useful things. I have been thinking about this for a few days and a number of things sprang to mind:

  • First aid kits - very useful after brambles / cacti / etc.
  • Puncture repair kits - if your cache is on a cycle path this could be *very* useful.
  • Batteries - GPS / Torch
  • Battery cases - I saw some on 7dayshop.com and thought they were cool
  • Plastic bags - So you can remove rubbish from the trail on your way back
  • Mobile phone charger (you can get wind-up ones, solar, and ones that clip on a PP3 battery)
  • Hand wipes - little sachets of them
  • Glosticks - they are just cool. You may want to do a bit of raving in the middle of the wood
  • Whistles
  • Personal attack alarms - these are often free from places like police stations

I think the keyword here is quality. If the items are quality items then I think people will be happy. Quality doesn't mean expensive!



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I would like to see MREs, surefire lights, bottles of water, Magellan GPS units, etc. as my high end finds.  Probably never will see those things.  On the low end, geo cards, travel bugs and the like.

I sure hope you are not talking about Meals-Ready-to-Eat. One its food, and two you would proably not like them so much if that is all you ate for 30+ days strait. I started adding geo-trash bags. I can fit two plastic bags in a film canister, with a lable. Turns all caches into CITO.



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Cash is always good!! :lol:


I mean in the form of Where's George dollars of course!! :D




One of the more memoriable caches is the Oragami series - the cache hider is skilled at folding dollars into cute little animals. The cache is self sustaining since you are asked to leave an unfolded dollar when you take a folded one. Brilliant!

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Last cache I placed contained the following: (all new items in package)


Candle lantern

orienteering compass

Geocache Hat

Loaded first aid kit


I'm sure I'm forgetting a few items.


Also stocked it with a bunch of unique travel bugs for those that like that side of the game.


More importantly, the cache was located in a very unique location that was interesting to visit in it's own right.


I'd so much rather see people create interesting caches with good stuff in a very well sealed container located in an interesting place. There are already enough tupperware McToy exchanges in this world. Do something to make your cache unique.


Create an answer to this question: Why should I visit it?

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Create an answer to this question:  Why should I visit it?

I'd visit it for the fun of geocaching, not for the contents. Don't get me wrong, I like when I find nicely stocked caches, but it's not the reason I go or don't go to a cache.


I placed one recently that contained a virgin TB tag, yoyo, new baseball, watch, carabiners, calculator, a couple of my sig carabiners, hand warmers, two sets of batteries, log book and camera. Many of the people that have visited have complemented the cache for being well stocked even though there was nothing spectacular in there. It made me all warm and fuzzy to get the complements. Some stuff for kids, some stuff for adults.

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