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Ridin The Iron Horse II


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Mountain Mule,

This is JayBee....I will be arriving at Rattlesnake Lake in the morning and would

like to get 2 bikes and 2 people (myself & Cowboy Bebop) up to the starting gate. We

will be leaving from Vancouver, WA area around 4:00am, so should have no trouble

ariving by 8:00am.


Initially was going to have 3 people total, so was just going to the top first, and

hitching a ride back at the end. If I leave my rig at the bottom, I could always

shuttle at least 3 people (no bikes) back up to top, and still make it back down to

Pepper's picnic.


Posting this here because cannot get into cache webpage........

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My brother-in-law will be joining me on the bike ride. There are three seatbelts available for passengers up to the pass if needed.


Also, my sister and parents will be joining us at the picnic if the weather cooperates.

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I will be at Rattlesnake Lake at 8:00 AM tomorrow with my Explorer and bike rack. The rack is "supposed" to carry 4 bikes, but the manufacturer must have assumed that bikes have no handlebars! :unsure: If the 4 bikes are sized right they can all fit, otherwise 3 is the best that it can do. In any case, I'll plan on shuttling as many bikes and people with me up to The Pass as can fit. See you tomorrow!

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A big thanks to L&R for the MAA support (MountainBike Assoc Amer) for early opt outs. The Garcia opt out coords on the cache page but there are others along the way.


We may luck out but expect at least a little rain. I would bring along a pair of gloves as wet hands can get cold fast. and don't forget your flashlights for the tunnel.


It's looks like there may be quite a crowd so I think I'll skip posting the car pool table on the cache page. I will add the new cache at the bottom and we'll have to see if we can get to stuffed with fluff at the top. I haven't been to the ketchless since in the last few months so it may have filled up more than I expected it to.


Jon, I would like to reserve a ride up if you still have a spot. See you all tommorrow! :P

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'Tudles, if you want to come over tomorrow afternoon/evening, you are more than welcome to stay in my extra room and then head out early to the ride.


I'll even cook dinner for you...you like spaghetti?  ;-)

Now wait a minute...Does that mean I'm sleeping in the driveway? :P




:P -R-

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I take several bikes in the back off my pickup or I can hitch a ride. Let me know what is needed.

Those of us that run to the top in the morning are going to need folks at Rattlesnake to take us back up for our vehicles, so I am hoping that some folks are planning on staying at Rattlesnake.

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I'll even cook dinner for you...you like spaghetti? ;-)

Now wait a minute...Does that mean I'm sleeping in the driveway? :P


:P -R-

Of course not...


IF you two had shown up, one of you would have had my bed...I'm very comfy on the couch... :P


Hope everyone has a great time today.

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OK- I'm back from my 1st grader's Girl Scout camp (the less said about it, the better :huh: ) and wondering who might be interested in a go at this trip that missed out the first time. LandRover, Allanon, anyone else? I missed everyone terribly and sorry I missed Pepper's Farwell Party! :D


Anyone interested?

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I'm in so long as the timing is right. For me this weekend is right out as I will be out of town.

Memorial Day Weekend I will be doing the Boulder River on Saturday the 28th (I think that is when it hike is scheduled for) but there is still Sunday & Monday.

June 4th Mountain Marsh II

June 5th ??

June 11th Expedition to the Elusive Island in Lake Ballinger

June 12th??

June 18th BCM II

June 19th Sleeping :o

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I definitely want to go (Project APE is calling to me), but until the bookstore closes in July, Sunday's are out for me.


And this weekend isn't good because I'm needed at the weekday job for a software install and support afterwords.


And I still need to find a bike that I can use... :o

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Go downhill.



Yep, we met people going uphill!


I need to recover from this weekend first.


My sister met my B-I-L & I at the picnic. When she heard that it was an easy ride DOWNHILL, now she wants to go too. :o So I'm sure I'll be doing it again this summer. I flew right by the FEN in the tunnel (foggy?) and there is a new cache placed by RWW where Grossi had to opt out due to mechanical failure. So yes, I'm sure I'd be up to something if the timing is right (and the weather is good).

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Sounds good Andrew- what time?


Sorry to leave you guys out- Allanon and LR! I know the feeling from last weekend! Just because I'm doing it tomorrow doesn't mean I won't do it again with you guys, tho! This just seemed the best chance in the near future. But I'm sure it'll be a fun ride that I'll have no problem repeating!

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Sounds good Andrew- what time?

Well if we leave the end (Rattlesnake Lake) by 8:30 to 8:45 AM we should be at the top and start by 9.


It took the group that was pushing till 1:30 pm to finish so I figure if we are going a little slower it will take longer.

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Also there are a few starting point choices. The closest to the tunnel is the state parking lot (Last year's starting point) which has a $5 parking fee, the forest service lot at N47 23.071 W121 23.393 which is free if you have a NW forest pass, or at Barrel of Fun which is free but is not a defined parking lot and is at the other end of the lake.

Do any of you have a NW Forest pass? I don't.


So maybe we all need to bering a few dollars for parking up top. What do you think?

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Could I talk you guys into bringing a trekking pole or stick with you to fix a little problem that my daughter created with the 'Bloody Fingers' cache yesterday? :) Please see my log note for a description. :) Thanks!

Don't worry we will take care of it. Could you PM me with the details (if needed) Otherwise I will assume it went behind the "object".

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Was going to try to get to REI to get a pass today but not sure I'll be able. If not, how much is parking? Shouldn't be too much is it?

As best I remember, the parking closest to the tunnel entrance is the state park, so your state park pass may be all you'll need. I have a one-day forest pass I've been saving for whenever I happen to need it. I can bring it to the night cache tonight for you, if you'd like. You can simply replace it for me whenever it's convenient. Call me if you'd like me to bring it.

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