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Mystery Geocoin & Buttons


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Trying to solve a mystery, I had a Mount10 bike geocoin #285 at the Tourne Murder Mystery event. I showed it to people so they could log it, but misplaced it while I was handing out prizes (other geocoins). :P


Please let me know if you picked it up or saw it after the prizes were given out.


Also, I still have some extra event buttons if people are interested in them. :D

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Yeah, that does suck... short term memory problems huh? You gave it to me. I logged it in, and I can get it back to you just let me know where and when. I think you gave it to me as the Rolling Rock cache was walking by, then we got distracted.


EDIT: Actually, I will hold it ransom for a button, since I failed to pick one up at the event.

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