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Indiana Cachers Hello !

Team Tigger International

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71!?!!? WOW!!!


I got some caching in this week, but I was on business travel all week, so things were a little wierd. The big achievement for me was that I did earn the Bronze Earthcache Master Award!!! And if things go well, I'm hoping to earn the Silver Earthcache Master Award this coming weekend!!!

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I just saw the 2006 Fall Picnic event was just published. It looks like it is on Sept. 9th down at Brown County State Park. I am sure there will be a ton of cachers there. I have been to 3 of these and they are a blast. I plan on being there on Friday and Saturday this year. I hope more Northern Indiana cachers can make the trip down there this year.


LE- Can you explain the Earthcache Mater Awards?

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Earthcache Masters Awards are awards handed out to Geocachers who certain criteria (sp?). To win these awards is simple, find and log and setup Earthcaches. Now, since we cannot setup Earthcaches on GC.com anymore, they are being accepted at Waymarking.com. Here are the guidelines:


Bronze Earthcache Master

Visit and log three (3) or more Earthcaches in two (2) or more states/countries.


Silver Earthcache Master

Visit and log six (6) or more Earthcaches in three (3) or more states/countries and have developed one (1) or more Earthcaches.


Gold Earthcache Master

Visit and log twelve (12) or more Earthcaches in four (4) or more states/countries and have developed two (2) or more Earthcaches.


Platinum Earthcache Master

Visit and log twenty (20) or more Earthcaches in five (5) or more states/countries and have developed three (3) or more Earthcaches.


All of this information and more can be found at: Earthcache.org.


Happy Caching.

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Speaking of ISQ's, remember the cemeteries will be full of people decorating graves this weekend, so if you go, you'll have to be respectful and careful of muggles...


Lead Dog and I went to two cemeteries today for cache maintenance, no that for sure can't be right, I'm confused now why we were really there, but at any rate, this one car full of people showed up at them both, so Lead Dog confronts them at the second one, and gives the Geocaching chin salute, and this lady RETURNS it, I don't know what she thought she was doing, but it turns out they WEREN'T geocachers after all... Oh well--The flags will be all out at Veterans and soldiers graves! :laughing:

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Tomorrow, our nation's families take the day off to cook hotdogs outside and pause in remembrance of our honored War Dead. Tonite, the little white dog and I salute all HOOSIER GEOCACHERS who have worn the brass U.S. on their lapels!



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Flowers are blooming , the sun is shining . Children are outside. The last few days and weekends have been fantastic caching weather ! Last weekend us Tiggers played a round of Geocaching Golf! This was a fun and great way to enjoy the South Bend area , we seen a lot of things of which were a kyacking team on the East Race. We visited this weekend 3 of the Great lakes from the Canadian side ( Erie, Lake St. Clair and Lake Huron) where we witnessed some crazy people sticking there feet and bodies into the icy water.


Today is a day to reflect upon those who gave there lives in service of this Great Nation !


I wish to say Thank you to all of you who have served , and reflect upon those of you whom have passed away.


and HAPPY MEMORIAL DAY to you all !



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BTW, who made the Rupert2 ISQ Bookmark list that I see popping up in the Google Maps Beta? Or is it still under construction? Will it be shared? Are there plans to do lists for other hiders? When will they be available? Where is Jimmy Hoffa? Is Brad Angelina's wife? INquiring minds want to know



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BTW, who made the Rupert2 ISQ Bookmark list that I see popping up in the Google Maps Beta? Or is it still under construction? Will it be shared? Are there plans to do lists for other hiders? When will they be available? Where is Jimmy Hoffa? Is Brad Angelina's wife? INquiring minds want to know




Ok ok so I cant count to good at 9 a.m after working all night , gimmie a break ... there are 6 Great Lakes ....

For Information on them you can check here :


Great Lakes



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For a while in 1997, Lake Champlain in Vermont was considered a Great Lake by the U.S. Congress. :rolleyes: (Really!) I think that Lake St. Clair has a better claim to being a Great Lake since it's directly along the system.

I remember that! That was pork at its finest.


Could Torry have been responsible for that?





Sorry SDT. I only have one public bookmark right now and none of my ISQs are in it.

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Located between lakes Huron and Erie, Lake St. Clair is the smallest lake in the Great Lakes system. Heart-shaped and shallow (averaging only 10 feet/3 meters deep), the lake requires periodic dredging to ensure bottom clearance for large ships. The northeastern portion of Lake St. Clair is an extensive delta system, the largest within the Great Lakes. The Michigan portion of the delta has been urbanized, while Ontario has set aside much of the wetlands as the Walpole Indian Reservation. Wetland loss from urban and recreational encroachment continues to be a problem on the U.S. side; and in Ontario, many of the wetland areas have been wiped out by agricultural drainage.

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Our team will be there. Looking forward to eating oh I mean chatting with fellow cachers. Jeremiah will have his play tent again. That always seems to draw the kids over. So stop by and say Hi.


We didnt' forget him. Besides the new cache we placed. We'll have something out there that will be more accessible for him too...

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Team Shydog looks to have reached 700 and Sanwick 200.


Lord Elwood is within two of the big Five-oh-oh.


What a great picnic! Patrick finally got to meet Precious. Here's a pic by 1MarkyMark1 of the little Mystery Dog-girl forlornly watching as her brave Earthdog puts out to sea in search of treasure:







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Lead Dog left his Indian Head hiking stick leaning up against a table at Winghaven. Anyone know where it is?



Found my stick Thanks


It looks like Rupert2 has hit his 500th geocache, which is a personal milestone for him, even tho we all know it's not about the numbers, eh? He got FTF on a 5-star terrain Kayak cache that was published almost a year ago! Here's his log:


June 8 by Rupert2 (502 found)

#500 It took the better part of a year for someone to claim the FTF on this one and at the same time this was my 500th find. I took my poor wife (zippychickenbiscuits) kayaking up the Lockwood Folly River. This was a true adventure! Being from Indiana we are not used to the monster spiders, gators, snakes (many red bellied watersnakes) and spring lizards. We had to jump out and pull over many trees. My wife about freaked when I did it becuase she was parinoid about gators. I about lost it when we had a red bellied watersnake fall and bounce off the side of our kayak. YIKES! The cypress knuckles were spectacular as this is a true swamp setting. Bugs were not too bad other than spiders. Cache lives up to it's 5 terrain rating. Not for the faint of heart. It took us 2 hours to complete as the listing suggested. Found a complete snake skeleton at the landing site for the cache not to mention some very colorful frogs. We tipped our kayack over on the way out other having a laugh at watching my wife walk on water, it was very refreshing. Took the phone card and the Indonesia 1000 Rupiah banknote. Left rupert2 geocoin #170 and a rupert2 wooden nickel. Thanks for this fantastic and memorable cache for my 500th cache!

[view this log on a separate page]


Congratulations, Man! :lol::):)


GO GATORS! BEAT SOUTH CAROLINA IN THE SWAMP!! (Football, not kayak trips)

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