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Caching In India - Delhi And Pune Areas


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No actual caches in Delhi. There is a missing micro in the train museum but I did not get out there. Could be good to replace it (a film container.) I'd say you should also hide your own micro somewhere and see if we can get things more going geocaching wise in India! I was up in Delhi recenty and my conclusion was that to hide a regular cache there would be difficult. I have hidden 5 caches in NE India - none found yet and they have been up there for months! I plan to search again for the one and only geocache in Madras (where I am now) soon. Pune is also crowded, but there are hills surrounding Pune where a normal geocache could easily be hid.

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I think I might hide a micro near my office in Pune, that way I can check on it once a year or have one of my staff in Pune check on it. Our office is in a new office complex and we own about 10 acres of land in the complex, so it should be easy to find a spot somewhere on the property.


I will be in Delhi, Agra and Pune on this trip back to India, so I'm hoping to get a couple of caches while I'm there. Two or Three Vitruals in Delhi and two vitruals in Agra.

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