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Cape Peninsula - Map ?

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Originally I wanted to use the map to get an overview of the caches and their locations. Now I have used this map: http://www.accommodationco.co.za/map.gif , and loaded it into the OziExplorer.


But it would be fantastic if I could get an 1:50K map of the Silvermine Nature Reserve (incl. 3-4 reference points for calibration).




BTW: if someone would like to join me for a Geocaching-hike /-tour , please send me an e-mail.

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There are 1:20000 paper maps available in most of the outdoor shops, or from www.themaps.co.za. I suggest you pick up one of these regardless of having the info in your GPS. It's unwise to do extensive hiking and solely rely on ones GPS. 1:50000 scale is also to small for hiking purposes.


I, have GPS tracks of most of the paths in Silvermine West and East if you are interested. They are currently in Mapsource and text format but I can export them for Ozi Explorer.


You can email me if interested.

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Greetings all,


Would anyone have a copy of Magellan MapSend Streets & Destinations - South Africa they no longer use? I would liek to buy or barter if possible with something. Someone must use magellan besides me. :grin: I look forward to hearing from you. Please email me at deon@xclusiv.biz Thank you.


Regards, Deon

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