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Irlp/geocache Chat?

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Along these same lines, has anyone else tried EchoLink which uses the old ilink database/protocol?

Our local repeater OH2RCH has been using the echolink. Have been QRT a while, so don't know what's the situation today.


Anyway, echolink would be easier to use since there are clients for Linux, Mac OS X and Windows. And you don't neccessarily have to have the client running in your own home at all, if there is a station nearby that does.


solarflare, OH2LNA

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Hello everyone, I agree with Solarflare, I would like to keep it on Echolink only, not to leave anyone out but It probally would go better. I dont have a IRLP, but I do have a Link on Echolink and all Licensed amateurs are welcomed, All FCC Rules and reg's apply. I am not real active now geo-caching but like to talk about it and have cached for a while, even if I have not found 400-500 or so like they rest, I still like it and hope one day to start caching again. Now deer season is open, It's hard to cache safely while deer hunting is going on, but I would also like to have a IRLP for only for Caching and Geo-cachers to link to or connect up to and to discuss geo-caching.


My link is the WV5V-Llisted in area (5) and is linked into a Local Two Meter Repeater here in my home town.


Please feel free to link up and mention Geo- Caching and I am usually on.


very 73''s



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I tried to call you, (WV5V-L SKYWARN/ARES/Ms (1) 18:03 179337), but for some reason the link didn't establish. Guess have to resolve first how to bypass the ADSL-modem's NAT. You can connect me at node 139304, when I'm online. Usually am not though. ;)


Edit: It was just the matter of forwarding the ports 5198/UDP and 5199/UDP to my iBook. Great, all I need now is a sched. :ph34r:


Welcome to WV5V-L Link

Linked to 147.030/R -minus offset,

pl136.5 tone Or on 146.565 Simplex.

31.43.54N  & 089.07.41W Located

in Laurel, MS and Jones County.Link

may be active with Other Repeaters during Bad WX. Rig is a ADI, Antenna is a 11 Element Beam, Interface is a AMI  bought from  WB2REM                    http://www.ilinkboards.com/

FCC Rules and Reg's apply !!!!!

Call CQ or Call ME/REPEATER has a 2-3 minute timeout on it so be Aware!



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Brad and Holly wrote:


"Through the miracle of rural living I find myself over 100 miles from an available node. That will not dismay however because I have HF ability. Anybody else in the same boat where only HF will do? Perhaps we need and HF chatting platform."


Not in quite the same boat, but would prefer an HF sked....any thoughts on when or what freq?



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Seems like IRLP may not be the way to go. How about a sheduled online chat? Anyone know of a chattrom we could use?


What about clayjars chatroom?

BTW renopanner what name do you cache under? I don't recall any logs by you for any of my caches.

Man, I almost forgot there was a forum for Geocaching..


Rusty, I found my first cache when I was using the Renopanner name. Now I decided to just use my "Ham" callsign - KA7CJH.. Guess i will have to search out a few of your caches. I am planning my first multicache in my mind as we speak...


Time to do a pocket query..


Chris KA7CJH

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Good news, I just got an email from one of the "Western Reflector" control op's saying he has no problem with us having an IRLP/Geocaching Net on their reflector. So now I just need to give him a day/time we all would like to have the net..



:laughing: So time to ask around and see what the best time/day would be..



Chris KA7CJH - node 3922 Reno,Nevada.

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