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j9cache & Mike(j9+M)
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Posting a note does no "action" to the travel bug. You need the 6 digit code, and you need to "grab" the travel bug. But the wording indicates to me that you found the bug in a cache - even though it wasn't logged as being in the cache (grabbing indicates that it's in someone's hands - retrieving indicates from a cache).


Has the previous person had ample time to log the bug into the cache?

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OK - it looks like Lil' Tort was placed in Travel Bug Spa by MadCache3, but they never dropped it into the jennis cache.


When PTROPS grabbed the bug out of the jennis cache, he didn't grab the bug into his inventory - nor did he log the placement into the cache's inventory for 'The Lights Are On But Nobody's Home' in Colorado.


Now you're on the scene, and as a responsible cacher you can at least fix SOME of the journey.

  • Grab the bug from the inventory of MadCache3 by logging a "grabbed it" log on the Bug page.
  • Then post a note on the cache page for 'The Lights Are On But Nobody's Home' indicating that you're dropping the bug in the cache to fix some of the mileage. Make sure it's a note (as you already have the found it log for the cache).
  • Before you hit "submit" on your cache note to the cache page, make sure to select "Lil' Tort" (since he's now in your inventory)
  • Then go back to the Lil' Tort Travel Bug page and log it as being retrieved from 'The Lights Are On But Nobody's Home'.

The end result is that the bug will be in YOUR inventory, and it will have accumulated SOME of the missing miles from the incorrect logging by PTROPS and MadCache3.


Once you have a new home for Lil' Tort, make sure you choose him from your inventory when you're logging the cache as found.

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