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Show Us Your Coins


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I already traded one of mine for a new PA geocoin from home sweet original home, didn't even know they had'em (they're sold out) until people started posting pix of their collections.


I have another fellow who offered to trade a new unactivated PA coin for an unactivated WA coin if anybody else wants to cook up a trade. Let me know via private e-mail and I'll pass along the fellow in Pittsburgh's e-mail address.

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You all have very nice collections, I have a ton of military coins, but I guess that doesn’t mean much in the Geo-caching world. I have thought of leaving some in caches but since I'm new not sure if people would be interested. Any advice would be great. Thanks :blink:

Personally, I think military coins are JUST as cool as the geocoins! I have two of them so far, and I'm always looking for more!

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Hey Moun10bike, is that a Mini-Ammo Box I spy in your picture, on the lefthand (slightly above the middle)? If so that's pretty cool, who's sig item is it?

That was UWdawg's signature item. He also created several Travel Bugs using them.


EDIT: WeightMan beat me to it!

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What's the one with the skull on it?

That's a Goblindust geocoin. They are brand new - I got mine in a trade with him about a week ago. The reverse side is the same design as his button that you see just right of center near the bottom of my photo.

VERY cool! Hope he doesn't mind an email from me, LOL.


Geez, Moun10bike, you have a LOT of the coins I've been coveting!


How can I get ahold of one of the Washington coins like I see in your pic, with the soaring eagle? Anybody want to work up a trade?

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How can I get ahold of one of the Washington coins like I see in your pic, with the soaring eagle?  Anybody want to work up a trade?

That's the same one I have in the mail to you Joefrog.

D'oh! I was looking for the hiker, and didn't notice.


LOL -- s'okay though, looks like I have another on the way from another trade!

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Thanks for the info on the sig item.


Got my Washington geocoins in the mail today, and now I'm pondering having my own coin minted. Course I don't have a ton of money right now, possibly after tax returns. Any experienced cachers that have had coins made know of the cheapest route? I heard somewhere you could have a run of only 100 done, but at 4-5 dollars a coin that'd still be a hefty sum, and there might not be much better of a deal than that, least I'll know what I have to shoot for.

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