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Geocaching Everywhere...


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Though I really truly enjoy geocaching.. Sundays during season it is NASCAR Cup Race for the Championship. During a caution, channel surfing.. here is what is found.


Tight screen shot of a dash mounted GPS and display.. kewl. Exterior shot of a white large SUV. kewl..


Voice over.. to the effect.. When I got this SUV and the GPS was in it.. why would I need it to get from 'here' to 'there'. The manufacturer's manual assured me that the overhead satellites will get me 'there'. Trust in the information.. certainly and it did work.


The program was a silk clad matching pants and shirt preacher.. GOD is overhead looking out for you trust in the information.. I laughed my butt off. So now we have comparisons of GPS to God.


When your in the dark woods.. late in the day.. getting even darker... keep looking at your GPSr.. arrow bouncing all different directions.... you hear an authoritative voice.. "Hey Silly.. just off to your right.. under that piece of bark.. " :D

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LAUGHS.. I guess you would have had to been there.


It was just that channel surfing during the commercial/caution of the NASCAR race. I seem to be noticing GPS ads more often on TV. Especially CNN, have seen two different Garmin promotions.


But while surfing .. got the tight screen shot of dash mounted GPS and screen shot.


The preacher was tryn to make a point. I think. That follow the instructions (maybe Bible) and you will get to the 'right' place. Being an agnostic I just found the thought of a preacher comparing God and GPS technology was hilarious.


But if I hear a deep booming authoritative voice announcing where I should look while in the deep dark woods..

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Laughs... not the first time I heard that sort of stuff.. Ya still gotta wonder when a televangical preacher makes the comparison though.


hmmm... lets see.. shall we lobby for them USAF cronies to upgrade. Start figuring out how to watch us.. and send us a voice message..."Warmer.... no colder.. warmer... " as you get nearer the target..

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