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Well Done House Of Boo!

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Well done youz guyz! And special fuss of Boo for being the brains of the organisation. :blink:

Real commitment from cachers who don't let a little thing like the danger of death (have a look at www.houseofboo.co.uk for details) stand between them and a cache. It's been a pleasure to cache with you on the few occasions I've been lucky enought to meet up with you. Best of luck for your future finds - and hides I hope!



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:):) Another very big welcome to the 300 club :):)


Really nice to meet you both on the 11/11/04, wasn't that a special date for another reason, I know Special Branch :D:D


We should have had a two minutes silence!!


Having studied your forum picture, have finally worked it out and can see the brains of your outfit!! :blink:


:P Very Well done, Peter & Jo & Bo"oze" :lol::P


Kind Regards


Nick (The roses on the grave stone!!)

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Cheers Youz Guys! Its been an absolute blast getting to 300. Along the way we have met lovely people both on the trail and at cache events, seen some stunning scenery and been able to swot up on the Uk's rich history and its all thanks to Geocaching!


Looking forward to meeting up with more cachers (as they seeem to be a decent bunch of people), adding more caches to our finds and setting some more caches for Domheknows peace of mind :blink: !!!


Keep on keeping on people!


House Of Boo

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