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Ivyland, Pa Sites

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We will be visiting family around Turkey Day in Ivyland, Pa. As we will have The Black Dog with us, we would like to get him out to stretch his very well mannered and totally friendly legs (it is a 6 hr. run up there from our house along the SLD/BRP in Afton, VA). Understand the hunting thing, and we/he have vests; however, we would appreciate any advice. Have seen a large number of sites in that Zip code. Although the geocache thing would be a bonus, it is more important that The Black Dog has fun-apart from the plate licking thing, if you know what I mean. Regards, Mr. Dickens-aka kevin.

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Prior to 1996 there existed a US Navy research base named the Naval Air Development Center (NADC) in Pennsylvania. While most of this facility was in Warminster Township, a small part of it was within Ivyland Borough. It was here that the Navy did, among other things, a major portion of its Navigation R&D work. From the late 1970s to the early 1990s a large part of that navigation group was devoted to GPS.


Now to answer MrDickens’ question. Ivyland is in Bucks County and very close Philadelphia. There is very little hunting in that area, but I do not know all the nearby locations. Looking at the 20 nearest caches I am concerned about one titled “Eternal Cache”. I have found that cache, and believe there is hunting in that area.


For others who may want to comment, try zip code 18974.

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One of my co-workers lives in Ivyland. Nice area.


You know, you could cache in the Jersey Pines. Wharton State forest had any number of great caches, some 4wd to, some hikable, some night enabled. It's about an hour away, give or take.


Then again, there's always the New Hope area. The canal paths are enough to overtire any big ole dog. :-) Have a great trip!

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Well thanks to all, I say, after finally finding my post and attendant replies-new to this whole thing and something of an idiot, I admit. Ivyland, PA is on the Rand map and, yes, it is just north of Philly. Noticed Wharton State Park and that could fit in with the plan. Looks like it could be sloggy going, and just turn into a dog romp search. Limited time except for eating-what he does best, but what he will get to do least-no pot licking up there I think.

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