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The Amazing Race Application Video Travel Bug!

J Marac
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Check out the article on Bob and Dan's Amazing Race Application Video Travel Bug in the Travel Bug section of this month's Todays Cacher. (www.todayscacher.com) I think this video travel bug is the first of it's kind. Let me know what you think. Has there been another Travel Bug like this before?? Wish us luck. Thanks everyone! :unsure:


P.S. - If you want to view this bug, the reference number is: TBG1K5

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I have just down-loaded and viewed the video.


Well worth it!!!!


You guys rock!!!


If, after seeing the video, the producers don't accept you - they are crazy!


I wish there was something I could do to help, but South Africa is just too far away!


BUT ..... if there's a stop here while you guys are racing in the AMAZING RACE, I'll be there to cheer you on!!!!!


Dan and Bob, I wish you everything of the best in your quest to take part in the program.


Well done!!!!!


To everyone else ....... these guys deserve all the support and help they can get........

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I have this TB in hand and have just taken an opportunity to view the video. VERY WELL DONE guys. If the producers don't jump at this, there must be something seriously wrong with them.


Unfortunately I do not have any big travel plans this weekend. You can look for the TB to be dumped at a cache along I70 somewhere west of Indianapolis (probably between Plainfield and Greencastle). This is by far one the most fun TB I have ever found.


Cache On!

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