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December Trip To Buffalo / Niagara Falls Area

CW Iams

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Hi all! I am planning a little trip for my wife and I to the Buffalo / Niagara Falls area for December 20-23. I was looking for some suggestions:


1. Lodging: any suggestions on a good cabin rental or bed and breakfast to stay at? We would like something a little secluded.


2. Activities: We are planning on hitting Niagara Falls one day, other than that, our schedule is open. We would like to do a little bit of offroading (nothing to drastic- we will be in my wife jeep liberty with all terrain tires) and of course some geocaching. Any suggestions for an area where we can do both some offroading and caching? Any must do Niagara Falls caches? Any input is greatly appreciated!


3. Weather: For you locals, how much, if any, snow can we expect to see?


Thanks so much!!


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3. Weather: For you locals, how much, if any, snow can we expect to see?


I'm not a local, but I'm just down the Thruway a bit, and I can say that you should definitely plan for and expect snow, possibly in large quantities. There's no absolute guarentee it'll be there, but that's the prime time of year for snowstorms out there.

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Don't know much about the caches and accomodations right around Buffalo, but I visit the area about 45 minutes southwest of Buffalo frequently.


Depending on the temps and which way the wind is blowing, you could get snow and lots of it. A few years ago, about the time you are going, Buffalo got nearly 5 feet of snow in a couple of days, while where I was a short distance away had none. Then the winds shifted and we received 3 feet in less than 24 hours.

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2. Activities: We are planning on hitting Niagara Falls one day, other than that, our schedule is open.


3. Weather: For you locals, how much, if any, snow can we expect to see?


Thanks so much!!


I'm not a local but I too took a trip there in the middle of winter. All the gift shops were closed and everything (I mean everything) in the general area of the falls was covered in about 2+ inches of ice.


However, going there in the middle of winter will almost certainly gurantee that you will not encounter any tourist crowds.


As for snow? Forget about it! It's completely unpredictable, but the good news is that they keep the roads open and pretty much cleared. But with your Jeep, you shouldn't have a problem. I made it from Albany to Buffalo in a 1991 Honda Station Wagon during a snowstorm, mind you.


Enjoy your trip!

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Greetings! I live in the Buffalo/Niagara Falls area. If you plan on hitting some caches in the area, there are plenty. In the falls there is the Niagara River series with around 15 to grab all ranging form super easy to quite challenging. As for lodging, truthfully head over the border to Niagara Falls Ontario. The view of the falls is second to none, and you get the exchange rate as well, win/win.


On to the weather. I have lived here all my life and seen it all (I think). Don't expect much if any snow in december. We didn't get snow last winter till Jan of this year. Heck my boy and me were out caching at the end of december 2003 with light jackets on. I think the temps were around 68 or so. The storm Brian was talking about was a wicked one. I live 45 min's north of Buffalo and when they got socked we had barely a few inches, go figure. Here is a link for the city I live in. It hasn't been updated in a while, but has links that should help.


Lockport NY, Niagara County web site


Hope this helps and enjoy your trip.

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We just got back from our Niagara Falls vacation today.


The good:

No crowds, restaurants empty, no traffic

Falls were great

New casino and hotels just opened

Fallsview rooms are available this time of year


The bad:

Major attractions are closed for the year... Maid-o-mist, Behind the Falls, Cave of the Winds etc...

Everything is expensive

Some Niagara Parkway construction north of the falls.

Icy parking lots and sidewalks in the mornings.


Search zip code L2G 3W7 for the local caches including my favorite called Power Vista. It is a webcam themed cache from inside a power plant self tour where you electronically send a virtual postcard from the visitors center back to your home e-mail address.


Power Vista cache


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Well, as far as caches go, there are plenty in the area. I take it you are driving up, so depending on what direction you are coming from, there are cachec right on the thruway that you can hit on the way here and then back home.

Seeing as how you are a premium member, why not pull a pocket query on the area? If you need a center point, try using the zip code 14051, set it for 500 caches, that will cover the majority of the Buffalo/Niagara Falls area. If you have mapping software, port the cache locations to that.

Feel free to contact me by e-mail, maybe I can help more with your trip.


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