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Texas Is In The Southwest...

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I can see how you can easily be confused. Only that part of Texas west of Fort Worth is west. Dallas is, for all intents and purposes, the same as Philly or New York City. East Texas is more Louisiana than not and from Austin down, is truely the south. Of course except for Brownsville, which is Mexico.


I hope that clears things up.


Been there, done that.


KyHilltopper (now back home in Kentucky where I belong).



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Wow, it took 3 years for someone to bring this up...thought it would happed a while ago.

As a matter of fact, this was brought up.


Texes used to be in the South and Southwest forum, but then Texans claimed they were in the Southeast, so Texas was moved here.


You can see reference to that here:




Although I can't seem to find the thread where the move was specifically discussed.


Searching, searching.... searching.


Whew! Found it!


Read all about the move of Texas from the Southwest to the Southeast in this thread!



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Web-Ling talked about the fact that perhaps Texas, being the 2nd most populated state in the Union, and being diverse and unique in and of itself, and being larger than 80% of represented countries in the Geocaching community, Texas might do well to have it's own forum. Same could be said for Florida.


Never heard a Texan claim he was a Southerner or a Southwesterner or a Midwesterner or a Southeasterner. For that matter, haven't heard Southeasterners claim to be "Easterners" either (REF: 1st post). Texans claim to be Texas.




PS: What the *%@# is a muggle?

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Nice job Jamie.

They don't call me Markwell for nothing.


Er.. Hmm. They don't call me Markwell.


As far as splitting the state up, I believe they would end up with more Congressmen.


I can't recall right now if the House is locked in at 435 members, or if more would be added with the addition of a state... but either way, being based on population, East Texas and West Texas, having the same total population as Old Texas, would have the same total number of (capital R) Representatives.


Plus, both East Texas and West Texas would have two Senators for a total of four, whereas Old Texas has only two Senators.



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JamieZ's quoted thread is from more than years ago and the only Texan to post was against the move.

Did we read the same thread?


The discussion of whether Texas should move to the Southeast had many Texans replying both for and against the move. It was quite a heated discussion and the result was that Texas ended up in the Southeast. Now you want to change it back?



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Does it really make a big difference which forum it is in? It seems to me that the most important thing is that people can find the forum, which is easy enough to do.


Anyway, if people want to discuss the semantics of it all, I always thought of Texas as being more Midwest or Great Plains than either Southeast or Southwest! But not being in Texas, I don't really care how it is categorized. Well, actually I never cared how my own state was categorized either....

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I guess I'm wondering why cachers from Nebraska, Georgia, and Louisiana really care.  :huh:

I don't really care so much as I just found it to be an odd request. That was basically the point of my post. Anyway, I regularly read all of the regional forums and occasionally post when I find something I feel like commenting on. I found it interesting that when I thought about it at all, that I would perceive Texas to be in the Midwest/great plains, so I also commented on that. :D

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9key said: “I guess I'm wondering why cachers from Nebraska, Georgia, and Louisiana really care.”


I am from Tennessee and you can take Texas and stick it wherever you want, how about in one of those Nordic and Baltic Countries forums, yep that sounds good to me


………….. JOE

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As a Native Texan....I think SouthWEST when I think about my home. I mean, our teams USED to be in the SouthWEST Conference in college football, and none of them are in the SouthEAST Conference at this time.


As a current Tennessean(and relative n00b here), I don't plan on ever going back to Texas, so I guess I'm not really worried about where their forum is!! :P:huh::D

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Let me give you something to think about.


As I write this there are 1419 individual topics in the South and Southeast Forum. Who is the person who is going to go through and read them all and pick out the TX related topics so they can be moved?




A move early on was practical and possible. A move at this time seems impossible unless an individual or team of interested people want to go through this forum and identify topics that need to be moved. If you don't find them and then move them you will end up with a mess of topics relating to TX geocachers and geocaching spread across two different forum sections. If these topics are identified, the admins then have to spend all the time going through 29 pages of forums and have to move them all one at a time. Moving them would scar this forum because of all of the "moved topic" notices that would be all over the 29 forum pages.


A move at this time may in fact be impractical.

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:mad: Now, let's really think about this. The majority of residents (legal or not) in Texas currently speak Spanish. Why don't we just move Texas to the "spanish speaking" forum. Or, since most Texans want to consider their state superior to everyone else, put them in the "other nations" forum where the countries not listed anywhere else are listed. India, Japan, Poland. I can see where Texas would fit in great there. :mad:;):P


BTW: Go buy a West Tennessee Geocoin!!!!

Get me a GOWT coin!!!!

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