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My geo-friend Belleterre is coming up on 500 caches. She is a special person who needs to be celebrated in a special way.

I thought the PT Romp was cool, the Calf event was do-able, but my brain gets emptier and emptier.

Can somebody who knows her, or knows me, help? An event? A special cache with people who love her there to celebrate?

Dang, I had trouble coming up with a single idea for the calving, I'm just not that smart. If anyone can help, or participate, please e-mail me privately, because she does once in a while look at the forums. She's the coolest chick on the planet, and deserves better than an empty-headed friend.


Heck, I think that's right, I never write to myself. Is it bumblingbs@olypen.com? You can always go to my profile page. Yep., I'm an idiot, but my friend isn't, and she deserves to be celebrated.

Belleterre, if you're reading this, shame on you, I told you not to.

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I've hosted some events (non Geo type) and I can tell you that they seem to take on a life of their own once you decide to do something. You saw that happen for It's A Calf.


The hardest thing about something like this is to actually commit to do it. It doesn't have to be overly planned. It seems to me that geocachers just need an excuse and a location!


The 500th celebration for GeoDiver was put together quickly and turned out great. There was a cake, everyone bought their own dinner and, even with short notice, there was a fabulous turn out.


Find a place that will hold about 30, maybe buy a cake and make the announcement. Everything will fall into place from there.


I hope we'll be here for the event! We're scheduled for a vacation at the end of the month. If we're here...we're there! We've never had so much fun than at a geo event!

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To piggy-back on what Shop99er said...


My 500th find party was planned by Happy Gillmore. He emailed me with the idea of doing something. Intial contact was less than a week before the event. This was NOT enough time to submit it for approval as an official geocaching.com event cache, but that was not what it was all about, anyway. He asked me for cachers' names that I would want invited and then emailed invitations to many local cachers in addition to the names I provided. Requesting RSVPs.


He then called Godfather's Pizza and reserved a room. Everyone who attended paid for their own food and drink. Happy ordered a cake with a custom decoration celebrating my 500th. (I will email you pic of it when I get home this evening). He also had a T-shirt made up with the same decoration/logo. We got some permanent markers and had everyone in attendance sign the shirt like a cache logbook. Shop99er even signed as FTF since he was the first to arrive at the restaurant. :)


I received several simple gifts like a geocaching.com window cling, some home-smoked salmon, a Travel Bug to move along, cards, etc. Gifts are NOT necessary, tho'.


Like Shop99er said, we cachers were just looking for a reason to get together. Although we were suppose to be there to celebrate my 500th, the really cool thing was that there were cachers present who, that very day, had reached 100, 500 and 800 finds. So it was really all about just having fun and sharing stories.


Good luck,


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So a dinner, not a landmark cache? She says she does not do events, but she lies.

On the other hand, a really special cache, with people there to cheer, seems more appropriate, somehow. I haven't found the inspiritation to create one of my own, but I could make an event surrounding a very special cache. The calf event was lovely, but I think in general I don't do restaurants well. I'd rather see her slogging through the mud, but with company. Darn, my brain is empty, and I count her as a special friend. What muck can we throw her into, and who will be there? Brownie Fudge Sundaes at the bloated festering head of Mr Thomas? Heck, I know I've even got that wrong, but give me some help here. My brain is whirling with ideas for Spookfest '05. I was just a little late for this year. A special cache, 15 caches away, for a special person?

I'm a slow thinker.


Personally, I think Pipeline, or the original stash might be OK, but we'd need company.

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Personally, I think Pipeline, or the original stash might be OK, but we'd need company.

Pipeline is great in the summer but wouldn't be as much fun in the winter.


If you're looking for a great cache I'd suggest CurmudgeonlyGal's Last Stop out on the coast near Aberdeen. It's a great walk with a cool old cemetery out in the middle of nowhere.


Regarding bloated head, and a bit off topic, will sending in another big group compromise the lack of a trail to that cache? I haven't been there but it seems that if we going in big groups it's bound to affect the area.

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Regarding BFH... We did go in single file and generally stepped over, under and through some stuff. The place seems pretty resilient to that treatment because we did have trouble following the trail back out; even with breadcrumbs.


MG1 took the brunt of the brush and muck as he was in the lead in both directions.

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And the Pipeline is not good in the winter because it's drippy, and cold?


This woman says she wants to hit 500 on January 1. That gives me plenty of time, but will I be able to get anyone off the couch, away from the Rose bowl?


Let me go look up the original stash. That would be a good one. Sure hope Belleterre drives, her car is so much cooler than mine.


Still open to suggestions. Is it fair to have her chest deep in putrid swamp water for # 500? Yeah, ok, maybe.

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I would second Willapa suggestion of the Half Moon Cache near LeBam. Bruce, Ajetpilot and I used it for his 600th and my 700th find. A stop at the LeBam Tavern is a must. Our picture is in the milestone section. Dick, W7WT

I will third the Half Moon cache as an excellent cache to hit. The only reason I didn't mention it before is because of how far away it is and how long it takes to complete.


But if that's within your parameters I'd definitely suggest it.

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