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City Select V6 Update Question


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I think he is saying that the v6 upgrade is not a stand alone.


If you got the v6 on cd to start with then it is a stand alone, but not if you got it as a upgrade,online?


That is what I got out of it.


I could be wrong :lol:


That's the way it is.

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Currently v6 requires v5 to be loaded first.


v6 is not a stand alone version. (I wish it was)

Well i hope your right, since he said nothing about a upgrade verison.


I would think that when you go from v5 to v6 would be like upgrading your OS on your computer. It does just that, upgrades it with no prior signs of the older OS. So if thats true, their would be nothing to delete. Im just making a guess. I havent got my maps yet so i dont know if thats true or not. I know if i need another base map to install V6 im going to be pissed. Also if Garmin wasnt smart enough to upgrade it without it taking up more space, then what is one suppose to do when they get to thier 24 mb limit and on verison 10 persay and you cant delete any of the older verisons becuase they all depend on each other. Does that make sense?

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When I purchased City Select a couple three months ago, v6 was available but the vendor sent me v5. Since I knew I could get an upgrade from Garmin I figured they were just clearing out the stock of v5.


The v6 CD I received states on the lable "Previous installation of City Select North America is required.", it also states that it is an " Update CD".


If your version of City Select doesn't state this then I would guess you could load it without the previous version.


Do they or will they provide v6.00 without requiring v5? That I do not know.


I will check to see if it will allow me to load the Set up CD and then v6.

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Ok, just to be sure I removed mapsource and reloaded it.


I was not allowed to load v6 without loading v5 first.


Now there is an option in Windows - Control Panel - Remove Programs to remove v5 and when I did this v6 maps were available, HOWEVER I did NOT verify that the software would function properly after removing v5.


Perhaps this is Garmin's way to insure that the 'free' upgrade will only work for people with v5.


I suspect that when vendors are able to sell v6, it'll work without having to have a previous version. (But you'll have to buy that one.)

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Well what Garmin should do then is sell one base program and offer upgrades for it from thier site. It would be cheaper for them to do it that way anyways. Thanks for the info. I guess i should have asked when i ordered mine.

I agree. There's really no way around it since the vendors can't give you the latest.


I can tell you this much, load and register CS before calling Garmin for the upgrade. It goes much faster if they can see you listed in their system.

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I just purchased a Map60CS & the Auto Navigation Kit from GPSCity & the version of City Select was v6. This loaded on its own & with no problems. I had no previous versions on my HD since this is my first Garmin. This was obviously not an upgrade CD so the vendors are offering the complete version 6.


I've also updated this version to 6.3 which is the latest offered from Garmin. I hope this helps any new purchasers of City Select. Make sure you understand what you're buying before you buy it :lol:

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Ok so were at the understanding that thier is a stand alone and a upgraded verison of V6. I just dont see why the upgrade wouldnt overwrite the previous verison to save space. After all it is an upgrade. Thats good news to me that you can install it with no previous verions needed.

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I cannot speak for the V5 / V6 Upgrade cycle, as I have not taken the plunge yet. However when I upgraded from V4 to V5, one could not simply run the uninstall of Version 4. Doing so would leave V5 unusable.


However, one CAN go into the Mapsource directories using Windows Explorer1 and delete the Map files for the previous version if necessary to conserve hard drive space. I have done this on my space cramped laptop with no ill effect.


Be carefull to only get the map files, not the software.

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Ok this should be along the same lines. someone take a look at this. It says its V6 but as you read down it says V5 includes????? So is this v5 or v6?

Sorry i forgot to post the link. Nevermind though. i called them and it is V6 not V5 they have for sale, it was a internet type-o

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I have a question....

What is the difference between buying v5 and upgrading to v6 and simply buying v6 straightaway -- financially that is?

I underdstand the physical aspects of owning v5 and then posessing the CD and then upgrading to v6 and then posessing yet another cd.

If I buy v6 straight away, do I have to purchase an unlock code or is that already built into the price?

If I buy v5 and then upgrade to v6 what do I end up pay for? do i end up paying additional money for an unlock code to bring v5 up to v6?

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My advice was based on a previous situation of not being able to buy v6 from the vendor. (Garmin did not have an additional cost to upgrade) It seems that anyone purchasing CS in the v5/v6 window would have to deal with the dual versions.


Apparently you can now get v6 when ordering City Select. According to the Garmin site v6 is roughly $139.27. (I paid $129) That does include the unlock code without an additional cost.


It's more of an online licensing process rather than one included in the packaging. Personally (since I'm not a software priate) I like having the license online rather than having to keep a slip of paper in a drawer. My PC crashed last week and even though I still had the paperwork it was much easier to restore the unlock code from their site.

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all the upgrade does is allow those who have bought a previous version of city select to move to the latest version at a reduced price.


let's say cs v5 was $129. someone buying v6 today is also going to pay around $129. garmin offers the v6 upgrade for owners of previous versions of cs for approx $75.


whether you bought v5 or v6 you get the right to use the software on 2 gps units. the cs upgrade doesn't provide the ability to load it to 2 new gps serial numbers; it only allows those same 2 original gps units to use the upgraded maps.

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Let me see if I can add to the confusion. I started with CS v 4.0, upgraded subsequently to v4.01, v5.0, and more recently upgraded to v6.0. These versions were all UPGRADES.


At one time I was able to upload maps into my Garmin V from any of those versions. But I noticed that I only uploaded maps from the latest version. So a few months ago I decided to delete all but v6.0 using the Add/Delete option in MS Windows. After deleting all but v6.0, I rebooted my PC - held my breath - and ran Mapsource. To my surprise (and delight), Mapsource showed only v6.0, and it loaded map segments into my Garmin V perfectly. So I have been able to reclaim some disk space by deleting the older versions.


Hope this helps.



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Yea my MG V6 just came into today and i got it all loaded in. BTW i only paid $79 for the full verison $5 for overnight shipping. ordered it a 4:45 PM and it was here the next day at 3 PM. gotta love that, and got a free shirt...LoL. Anyways. I was only allowed to load 24mb of maps into my GPSr. Is this normal?

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I was only allowed to load 24mb of maps into my GPSr. Is this normal?

Yes, it's normal assuming you really mean MB (MegaBytes) instead of mb (millibits). Weren't you the one who posted the following just a few days ago?


"So then the 24 mb is strictly for maps? With that used you will get your 1,000 advetised waypoints and 20 routes no matter if the 24mb is used. If thats the case that rocks. I know with the firmware updates that is not include in it as that has already been allocated from Garmin just for updates and its most likely partitioned spaced. I just would think Garmin would want to advertise 24MB of Map storage instead of just 24MB of memory."


So how many MBs of maps were you expecting to be able to load?

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