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Got Coin?


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Yah but my point was it's too easy to complain after the fact. If you were monitoring this thread (and it appears you have been), it would have been wiser to bring it up beforehand. Just my $.02.

No, I haven't been monitoring this thread, but do you really think that all these people didn't have a twinge of guilt that what they were doing wasn't right? It shouldn't have had to been pointed out to them.

Like I said before, your points were well taken but it was a bit harsh. You could have toned it down. Instead, you chose to put a damper on it after the fact. To use the same adjective you used... that's pathetic also.

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Think about all the time, effort, and money Jon spent setting this cache up. He went to the trouble of putting that little code on his new coins (something that can't be changed), setting up the cache page that clearly states the requirements, only to have someone go around giving the code out to anyone that wants it (not earns it).

You know that's awfully big talk from someone holding onto THREE Moun10Bike coins. :lol: If you're so concerned about following Moun10Bike's wishes you wouldn't be holding onto them.


Personally, I'd be glad if it was just another ammo box in the woods. That's after all what this game is all about. If it's really a cool spot then it should be shared with everyone.

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How would you feel if you spent a lot of time coming up with a puzzle cache that was really difficult and then had someone at the next event passing out flyers that showed the solution?

That's not what happened, though, is it? What happened was a bunch of people met at the trailhead and went caching together.


There are many caches where people collaborate on a puzzle, that's what happened here.


Nothing accounts for my waning interest in this game more than self-righteous blow hards which seem to be populating it at a growing rate.

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Man, you don't check the forums for a night and everybody goes crazy. I did in fact get ahold of Moun10Bike while setting up this gathering. Knowing the difficulty of finding a Moun10Bike coin, especially since some hold more than one, I decided to share the love with others. Remember this is just a silly little game and if you don't like how somebody is playing it tell them personally. Anybody that didn't get a Frito Pie will have another chance in the near future. Peace, Nolenator

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...That's after all what this game is all about. If it's really a cool spot then it should be shared with everyone.

Indeed. And in this case, no doubt the M10Bman himself has a great big ol' SMILE on his face as he reads all those logs from a near dozen group of geo-lunatics, who expressly chose HIS cache for a momentous geocaching event - complete with a festive tailgate party and a new geo-dish (GotFritoPies?) named after the cache.


If anything - your persistent grumbling here after the fact, would seem to be an attempt to wipe that smile off his face.


Get a grip. It's a GAME. The object of the game is FUN. Saturday's party was great FUN. Your whining here isn't.

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M10B, my sympathy! Your indeavor to contribute a fun cache is now a contrversy with you having friends on both sides.


The feelings of non-coin finders ran through my mind but I'm doing my best to have fun with this game without trying to make others play by my perception of unwritten rules. To my knowledge, M10B only has one desire (not even a rule) keep coins with significant mileage moving. The other coins are pretty much at the discretion of the owner!


Somehow I think you can still come over and find the cache and have the personal satisfaction of what M10B geocaching means to you and not as a measure with other geocachers. Whether it was found without a coin should not matter. I was practically the FTF and I returned with this group just to see a lot of folks having a great time and do not feel their fun will take the fun away from others. A great sucess for M10B.

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Hey, Niskibum, ol’ buddy, I think you need a new wash machine, yours seems to be stuck on the agitate cycle. Hit that timer dial on the top of the machine, or turn it to the rinse cycle manually.


Remember what we always tell each other, it’s not about numbers, it’s just about having fun. Well, we sure had fun with Moun10Bike on our four wheelers Saturday, while this group of people were having fun with one of Jon’s caches at precisely the same time, in their own sort of way. I read through their logs and they were having the same type of camaraderie with a great group of friends, just as we were. They even called Jon and left a message for him as they were making the find. Let’s not take away from their great experience and make Jon feel like he’s stuck in the middle of another controversy, he may begin to think his coins are causing too many hard feeling and decide to abandon his generosity.


I hope you don’t take offense to this post, I usually sit back and just read these forums and chuckle to myself, but this is getting out of hand and people’s feelings are being hurt.


Remember Jeff, it’s not about numbers, it’s just getting out and having fun………..Wiz

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Whoa! 'bum, I think that wiz is right about your washing machine! :lol:


For the record, I effectively gave my blessing to nolenator's event - I provided coordinates for a possible gathering spot near the cache when asked, and when nolenator emailed to ask if I minded him "sharing the love", I didn't protest. It's true that I have mixed feelings on logging a Travel Bug if you don't move it along, but that's my own personal feeling, and I also wish that I could afford to let everyone have one of my geocoins. I thus said that nolenator was free to do as he wished with the coin, since it is in his possession now. I am also honored to have my cache chosen as the site for so many milestones! I hope that everyone had a blast!


I have met just about everyone who has posted in this thread and every single one is a great person - let's let the controversy pass and be thankful for the great camaraderie that we enjoy in the Northwest.


By the way, as wiz mentioned we were at the destination of a great ATV ride over near Spokane on Saturday when I heard my phone beep telling me a message had come through. Thanks for thinking of me at the cache, guys! :D

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OK, I'm sorry if I went over the edge a bit. But let me make a point about Saturday. I also went along with everyone on that cache hunt. I went right to the site, saw the cache, even looked at the contents(which were by far the most interesting I've seen so far), but because I was not qualified(for other reasons) to "find" it I did not trade, or sign the log, nor will I log it on line. This is because I have a strong sense of fair play, and what is right and wrong. Someday I may go back and do it, but I will do it the right way. This is a game, but without rules and fair play games are pointless and less fun. Now even though I didn't log it, I still had all the fun, enjoyed all the company, saw all the sights. What did I miss out on that day? A smiley face? A number? I would rather earn them.


I apologize for starting a controversy, but I still have to ask why, if you haven't met the requirements clearly stated on a cache page(any cache), would you log a find and not a note, expressing your gratitude for the cache while maintaining it's integrity(and yours)? What about when you find a coin for real? The enjoyment of being able to really log it is gone now. If someone came up to me and wanted to give me the clues for a cache like this I would tell them no thanks. I'll be happy to go with you on the hike/ride/whatever, but let me have the fun of figuring out the puzzle, finding the clues etc. I just don't understand not wanting to do it the right way. Finding a coin was supposed to be part of the challenge of finding "Got Coin".


I know some of you are mad at me now, but know this, I will never ever knowingly give out any clues, or help others to cheat on any of your caches. I respect all the hard work everyone does on the difficult ones, and think it's wrong to just give the answers away. I'm sorry if you don't agree. I would much rather be known as someone that stands by his principles than one who is buddies with everyone here.


Regarding the coins in my possesion. I actually have two, one of each, and the third is being searched for. I hope to someday find it if I can ever locate the guy that bought my dad's Cadillac (long story), and move it along just like the several other ones that have passed through my hands.

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For the record I was never mad niskibum, I don't get that way. I realize that I play the game by a different set of rules. Ok, enough has been said on this matter. Ya'll be cool now! Locking this one down so nobody gets their feelings hurt.


To me, fair play means that the rules encourage everyone to play. They should reward those who win, but they must be acceptable to those who lose. --Lani Guinier


Peace, Nolenator

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