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New Feature: "skip" Cache

Barnie's Band of Gold

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Is it possible to implement a new feature whereby the individual cacher could indicate no interest in visiting a particular site and then this cache would not show on his/her nearest unvisited sites.


This would eliminate the need to visit undesirable caches (not well thought out, dangerous, school assignments or just plain not worth visiting) from showing up in the next nearest pages and pocket queries.


I envision the cacher visiting the cache page and selecting "skip" cache. This "skipped" cache would show in the cachers log but not count as a find (allowing the cacher to find the cache later if he chooses to actually do it). The cache would no longer show in the next nearest pages (or pocket query) compelling the cacher to find it.


Comments anyone?

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My comments would be this is an often requested feature.


My answer would be this would be, hopefully, implemented in the long awaited "Buddy list" feature of the site where you can create different lists similar to the Watch list.


I would have thought an easier way to implement this would be to add an "ignore" log type which like "Found It" would no longer show up on your not found lists, but not increment your find count.

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I agree Barnie! Sometimes you have to sit and wait and hope the cache disappears all on it's own. :) The ones I planned never to visit have gone from my 'nearest' so no worries anymore. There are a few further out there that I have to delete from each PQ when I get a query from that big city to the East. :anibad:

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