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Comcrete Marker Posts And Fell Walking!

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While out on Mickle Fell the other week, me and my walking pal kept spotting small concrete posts with numbers counting up as we headed to the peak but they were on the other side of the fence, has anyone got any ideas what they were for as we were baffled. The first one we spotted was 73 and the last one was 90 something.

My friends theory was they have something to do with old OS maps but I reckon they had somthing to do with the forces as we were walking on Warcop overshoot land.Can anyone help me resolve this as nothing on the net comes up, and Jeeves knows nowt!!

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Hmm nothing much comes up apart from domes nothing on cartigraphy either,

but these blocks were following a definate straight line upwards rather than curving and they wer on the other side of the fence too which was wierd.

I just had this vision that the army were playing shot put with their bombs and it saved on tape measure!

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