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Our local group has just voted on a new name...well, a name. (We didn't have one before.) Given the local fauna and our apparently similar senses of humor, we've come up with Poison Oak Cachers. We'd like to come up with an appropriate logo. The options are seemingly endless. Sure...we could just slam a three-leafed oak onto four, colored squares, but can someone here come up with something better? I've got ideas, but not the computer programs to fiddle with to make it happen (Paint just doesn't cut it...and neither do PageMaker or Word).


I was thinking about a really itchy guy...maybe with a GPS dangling around his neck, one arm reaching for that spot RIGHT in the middle of his back where he can't reach and the other reaching for an ankle or something. He could either be wearing a T-shirt with geocaching colors, or a ball cap with those colors or simply be set against a GC colors background.


Technical assistance anyone? We'd sure appreciate it!

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