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Paintball In The Poconos


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We had 5 of us at the I organized for yesterdaypaintball event, which was immediately followed by the Spaghetti Western free for all geocaching event. Both went well. One of the reasons that ABC paintball in West Milford was chosen was its good location for most of the attendees and their reasonable prices.


I wanted to extend an invitation to any of you pb fans to join me at Skirmish on December 11th in Jim Thorpe, PA. It will be half price paint day, making it just a little more reasonably priced then normal. Prices are 29.95 including playing, gun and mask. ($27 if we get at least 20 people) camo rentals are extra. Paint will be $50 per case that day, and the average person were use about half that. Reserations (and payment) are required in advance. 1-800 SKIRMISH. Tell them you're with William Angus's party.


Afterwards, theres a decent looking bar/tavern down the road about 5 mins ride. We can eat there afterwards. The fields are located about 40 mins w if the DE Water Gap, Route 80W to exit 284, then s onto 515, and then west (or is that south also) onto 903 and its about 10 mins down the road. It is an all day event starting around 930 and you get back around 430. You eat lunch on the fields, either buying burgers and fries or bringing your own. the food is good and reasonably priced but I usually stop at the wawa which is N on 515 about 2 minutes off of 80. Everything you need and its oh so good.

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