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Tragedy At Rbg

Algonquin Bound

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A 10-year-old boy from Burlington was killed yesterday, on a school trip at the Royal Botanical Gardens. Apparently, the class was walking on the North Shore trails at Cootes Paradise, when a tree fell on the child, killing him. It seems likely the tree was blown over by the wind.


Be cautious out there. We tend to take a walk in the woods for granted, but we must be aware that there are potential dangers like this. On my way home from work, I looked over in that area and considered going for a hike along that trail!


Very, very sad.

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While this is terrible news indeed it is best to remember that accidents can happen at any time. In two years I have had two very near misses with falling trees once wrecking the quad which I was riding and the second taking me to the ground and earning me a few days off work. I work in forest research and if you take your mind off what your doing and where your going nasty things can happen very quickly, keep a closer eye on where you are going and less on the GPSr itself. It takes very little for a beautiful day to turn to tragedy.

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