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New Cacher Here


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New cacher here, I mtn bike, hike and enjoy off-roading. I saw a clip about geocaching on the news a few years back but just the other day I found a link to this sitew from Jeep.com, I've looked at the locations of some local caches arround where I live& I think it's quite funny that I've walked right past a dozen or so caches and didn't even notice.


My one question is for a starter what is a decent priced good working GPS unit?


Thanks for the help!

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Good question. I'd say the Garmin GPS 60 has a hell of a price, in a sticker shock sort of way.


If you can speculate on your uses for a GPS we can give you better reccomendations.


Will you be wanting to have maps on your GPS? Do you want an electronic compass? How about turn by turn routing from whereever you are to the address you want to be at? Or maybe all you want to do is play this game with the cheapest GPS that will do the minimal job?

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A Yellow Garmin Etrex is under $100. A fancy Garmin 76CS is about $500 (with better deals on the internet). The yellow Etrex will get you to within 20 or 30 feet of the cache. The 76CS will get you to within . . .20 or 30 feet of the cache.


Either will work for caching. As the venerable RK says, though, there are lots of other features that a GPS receiver can offer, from detailed maps to altimeters to a special "Geocaching" function (on the Garmin Map60C and Map60CS.


Most cachers use Garmin or Magellan GPSrs but there are other quality units.


Browse the forums. Take a look especially in the GPS Units and Software forum. Lots of good info there.


Edit. Garmin mapping units are here. Happy shopping.

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You can pick up a decent GPS for as little as $70 (the Garmin Gecko 101), but I'd recommend spending a bit more and getting additional features that you might find useful. The basic yellow eTrex can be had for around $90 and the eTrex Legend, a mapping GPS, usually goes for around $150. The latter comes with a data cable, which is a $30 add on for the yellow eTrex.


The Magellan eXplorist line is inexpensive, but there is no data port on those units which would rule them out in the eyes of many geocachers (me included). The Gecko 101 also lacks a data port, but the more expensive Gecko 201 does have one. That one goes for avout $120 if you shop around.


More money doesn't get you better accuracy, but it does buy more features. As RK mentioned, once you get up in price, you start getting features like auto routing (key in an address and the GPS will take you there), electronic compasses, barometric altimeters, color screens, etc...


I highly recommend the eTrex Legend as a good starter unit. It's compact, durable, easy to use and has mapping. It's come down a lot in price over the past year and if you really shop around you can find it for well under $150.

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I use a Garmin eTrex Legend and love it. It has some mediocre basemaps, but you can buy a prgram like Mapsource TOPO and upload 1:100k maps for your area. The Vista is a little more expensive with extra features, and it has 24 MB ram.


If you liek color, the Legend C has 24MB of ram and some features the plain old Legend does not have. Good luck!

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Another happy Legend owner here.


I've used both the Little Yellow and the Legend, and the jump up in features is significant. The Legend can take maps and has twice the screen resolution, for a sharper, clearer picture. It has an easier-to-use interface and comes with a data cable, so you can download waypoints (among other things).


Believe me, after I input a few waypoints by hand with the Little Yellow, I seriously wanted to teach it to fly.


The Legend is an excellent balance between price and performance, if both are significant to you. (I really need to send Garmin a bill for this).

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Since you are asking for opinions, I have to chime in for the Garmin Legend. As someone said above however, do some research. The Legend does not have an electronic compas. That means little to me so it's not a big deal. I see many here in the forums who use a good old fashioned compas. I got my Legend for about 130 dollars online. Good luck & welcome to the addiction. :rolleyes::laughing:

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I got a Vista which is the top of the Garmin eTrex line. You will want this compass feature. Not only will it tell you which way you are going, but you can have it point you in the right direct of the cache no matter if your going North, South, East or West. Its a few more Dollars, got mine for $217, but its well worth it. It also has 24mb of memory which is very nice. The legend and Vista are the only eTrex's that are mapping GPSr so thats a feature your going to want. For the few extra dollars the Vista will be well worth it. I just go mine and im very impressed with it.

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Well, I haven't been doing this long, but I'd have to say I am happy with my Geko 101. I don't have a problem adding the coords by hand(I don't do more than about 5 per trip, staying more local), and as I use it in my other main hobby(finding cemeteries), it works great for that too.

At this point, the Geko 101 was the cheapest we had found and all we could really afford at this point, but as I said, I am very happy with it! :unsure:

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