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Thanks For The Advice!

Midnight Rider

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A while back I had made mention that I was going to go and get some kind of cell phone holder for my GPSr and several folks advised against that idea and stated that I should just pay the money and get the right holder for the unit. Boy, am I glad I ever did that. Not only does it work great, but its well made, very well designed and allows me to not worry about the device popping out and flying across the interior when I take a curve :o


Thanks again for the advice..I wish I could remember who you were!

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Midnight, I had just received my auto mount, when you posted about the

phone holder.

I really like the windshield mount. I also got the power cord for the

cig. connection....which means I can use my MGold w/the back light

when driving at night and not drain my batteries. Very cool!

These are just amazing tools/toys.

I'm really having fun w/this.


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Yeah, first thing I bought was the cable, then the mount. Ive always been really critical of product designs and I love the way they did the mount. You dont have to have the cable screwed into the back of the unit and can just pop it in and out as needed. Im used to seeing such crappy designs on things and this was a nice surprise.

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