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What Is The Coolest Travel Bug You Have Found?

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For me it's been everyone that I've found so far (54 and counting).


Some of the ones that stand out include:


My first yellow jeep travel bug. I found the first one place here in middle GA.


Brother No. 2 Geocoin This one I worked the hardest to get. I turned what should have been a 1.5 mile hike into a 4 mile hike just getting to the cache.


Diabetes Aware Bear I found this one soaking wet in a cache, I took it home, dried it off, tagged and bagged it (with owner's permission) and released it. It has been actively traveling since I released it.


Florida Swamp Ape I went to a night cache specifically to get this TB but he wasn't in the cache. A few weeks later we happened to find him while out caching. He's my first MIA rescue :o


Homey the Duck - Just a cool TB.


Sister Emma Bug - My first TB find.


Sonic Pete and Coney's CITO Case - This TB inspired me to remove a 5 gallon bucket worth of trash from one cache area.


My biggest disapointment came while trying to find KJ2. At the time its mission was to travel to Myrtle Beach and I had a trip planned for Myrtle Beach. Here's my Log Entry from the cache page.



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i liked the green lilliputins. that particular one was lost i believe; but it has relatives out there. it was a box with teeny tiny dolls lined up inside.


i also like the morphing cache. i wish it would have more pictures made of its' morphs. it's a french curve now, i think.


of course, i love my own...brother, happy, the rock from cherry grove.


i've seen a couple of firefighter 9/11 tribute bugs. they always sober me.

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I think my favorite so far is one I'm holding now: Show Me State Capitols.


I think it started out as just a keychain ring. Anyhow, it wants to go to state capitols and pick up state souvenir trinkets along the way. It's got ten now and it's getting pretty heavy. Some of them are rather nice.


I took it to be photographed at our capitol building on the day I picked it up, but I'm not having luck finding a trinket. I don't wanna go to the airport for one!

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I've had some fun with quite a few travel bugs.


There was Beatle Fan 2


Of course there's always Cindy the Cinderblock:


(Baby not included)


Evil Duck just completed it's mission, I had too much fun with that one!


Brought this one home for the win


If it weren't for this travel bug I never would have met dboggny (well maybe never).


I climbed a mountain for this travel bug


Got to show off my fish with this one.


Met the Mayor of NYC with this travel bug, got him to sign it and he gave me a kiss on the cheek. See pic on cache page.


And finally, Toot the Original Party Girl has to be one of my all time favorites. Sadly, she is still being held by Sardude, who is not active and I'm hoping he sees this and lets her go. I did e-mail him asking him if he had plans to release her. :(

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Well the best one I have found is Travelling Man

It is a hand carved Gnome that has its own PVC container. Look at the picture and check out the Geocaching Logo on the suitcase.


The best one I have sent was my wedding ring. It was afrom a past marriage and my wife told me to get ride of it so I made Ring of Tears.

Too bad it got to NJ and them muggles. But I really didn't expect it to last long. I was hoping that they would take the ring and leave the tag, it cost $5!! :lol:

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I was able to pick up one of the earlier TBs (id 26!), released by Jeremy way back on Sep 29, 2001. Deadly Duck: Anger It had an amazing history - it was taken from Washington to Holland, and then someone else took it right back to Washington again. It was then placed in a cache that the National Park Service removed... but the bug survived because the NPS was kind enough to mail it back to Jeremy! When I eventually picked it up, I moved it all the way to Australia on my honeymoon. Sadly, after only a few more moves in Australia it was placed in a rebuilt cache which had been previous destroyed by gardeners. After a short period this cache was destroyed and the bug's twisted travels had to come to an end. Nearly 24k miles in just a little over a year. I'm glad to have been a part of it, but sad it couldn't go further.

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My personal favorite was Mr. Bean, maybe becuase is was my first find on my first day of geocaching. I have enjoyed watching him travel around since- but unfortunately, it appears that someone felt they needed to steal him :rolleyes: or lose him, as he has seemed to disappear. I used to live in England, so I was cheering for Bean all the way!

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