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New Garmin Has 60mi On Odometer


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I had a similar experience when I bought an eTrex Legend at Circuit City: walked to the parking lot, put in the batteries and noticed there is a track log, something under 100 miles on the odometer, some maximum speed like from a car and a few waypoints in the local area. I was quite surprised and took it back to the store, asking if it was a used unit. The guy assured me that they don't sell used stuff and gave me another Legend - when I switched that one on in the store, it showed Taiwan as the current location, so I believed him it's a new one from the factory and took it.

The first one was probably a returned unit - it was in the original packaging, even with the slide over the display - as I didn't know what was the reason of the original owner to returned it, I was happier with the real new one ... well, meanwhile I got a replacement for my broken Geko and gave the Legend to my sister, but that's another story :-)

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