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"real Deal"


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RE: Jerald Deal: aka "Real Deal"(Geocacher), KD7KYU(Amateur Radio), ZooKeeper/992(CB Radio)


Passed away from a sudden and fatal heart attack on October 29, 2004.


He is survived by his girl-friend Mary and two children, a boy of 11 years and a girl of 14 years. Home Phone: (360) 871-3573.


Viewing/Services will take place on Saturday, November 6, 2004 at 2pm at:


Woodlawn-Miller Funeral Home & Memorial Park, 5505 Kitsap Way, Bremerton (Top of the hill). Business Phone: (360) 377-7648.

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The first time I met Real Deal was at Manchester State Park. I was looking for a cache, when I hear him say are you Dick? When we got to the site he backed off and said you look first. Then after I rehid the cache he looked for it. He helped me conduct a "Coffee Cache" event along with the Bremerton Cache Machine event. He was very intelligent and precise in what he did. At a ham field day, he used his GPS to mark all the cardinal points so I could point my six meter antenna in the proper direction. He helped me take down and pack my little trailer with the generator, antenna, etc. That was the last time I saw him. All of his caches were

well thought out and required a little more effort. He and Ray took great delight in

hiding caches so "Old Man W7WT" couldn't find them. For some reason it didn't bother me. We will miss him. Dick, W7WT

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I'm almost sure I met him on the Bremerton Cache Machine, but I'm so bad with names and faces that I don't remember.


He does have the honorable position of being the owner of the first cache found on the first cache machine ever -- NAD Soroptamist (Plane) Park (archived this summer). For that reason -- and because I can't help but think of the dozen people who were tromping through the woods with their flashlights before dawn, and the radio chatter when Oregone arrived late to try to find it, before he started hitting on Silverdale pre-teen radio operators -- it's one of my all time favorites.

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I didn't know the 'real deal'. I hope that someone near them can adopt his caches so that they can live on forever. I think that would add a lot of signifigance to the day to find one of those caches.

Had Real Deal been ill for a long time? On April 29th I wrote in a log on his

Children's Beach Cache that it is in urgent need of some TLC. On the cache page, he said he would check on it almost daily, but he obviously hadn't done that for a long time.

I don't know how the cache is doing today. It hasn't been found for 2.5 months, but got one DNF in that period.


and then there is his Guillemot Cove Cache. I haven't done that one yet, but it is on my todo list for the winter, when higher altitudes are inaccessible. I hope someone in the greater Bremerton area will adopt it.

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Yes, I didn't realize that he was that young. I just happen to remember when he told me he spent his youth growing up on Midway Island and seemed to love it. Ray knows more about this than I do. Dick, W7WT


Sorry, I got a double and don't know how to delete it.

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