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Ok Still Need Some Help


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Hm. You had an earlier thread, right?


Presumably someone told you to check that you got the right port, probably COM 1...?


Ummm...is it a Garmin? If it is, it has to be in Garmin mode to download waypoints, but NMEA mode to track in real time. That's in setup >> interface, I think. I don't know if other units have an equivalent issue.


That's all I can think of.

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You sound like you are running into an OS/hardware control conflict. The OS wants to manage everything, but there are BIOS settings that can conflict with the OS. You will need to check your BIOS to ensure your Ports are set to Auto or something similar. If you don't have an automatic setting, make sure your setting is at a speed that is equal to or greater than your GPS receiver's setting. If that is ok, then go to your Device Manager and check the port setting there for the Com port you are hooked into (typically COM 1), and ensure the port speed is set to a speed that is equal to or higher than the GPS receiver's setting.

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