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Gpsmap 60c And 60sc Problems


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I've owned my Garmin GPSMap 60cs since April, and there's a few nagging faults about it that Garmin has never fixed.


1. Despite many emails on my part, there is still no "Favorites" menu when searching for waypoints. I used to have an etrex legend, so anyone not familiar with that menu: It let you store several waypoints, cities, poi, exits, etc in the menu. The only menu that is similar to this on the 60cs is the "Proximity Waypoints" page (which is only available through the main menu.)

To me, the primary use of this menu was having generic waypoints like CAR and CAMP that you can pull up quickly and "reposition here" when you're hiking and camping.


2. "Recent Finds" menu does not give you the distance "from current location" like every other search page.


3. The geocaching function is great, but having only 30 characters to write a hint or cache description isn't nearly enough for most caches. Maybe a tiny bit of map memory could be sacrificed to allow for several hundred characters in each waypoint description.


(these are all issues that can be solved with a firmware upgrade)


4. The knob for my belt clip keeps unscrewing itself! This means my unit drops to the ground. If it weren't for the lanyard I keep attached to my hip at all times, I would have lost it. (After spending $400+ on it, I'm pretty peeved that it doesn't come with a good way to secure it.-- No, doesn't EXIST) This has happened at least a dozen times, and would happen more often if I didn't hold the GPS in my hand 80% of the time I'm using it.


Garmin makes cradles that fit on the back of the 60cs for just about every purpose, but none of them have a stable, nonswiveling clip. They don't make a case for the 60cs either. I understand it takes time to develop accessories for a new unit, but they've already made scads of 'em. (If anyone finds a cellphone case that fits well, please let me know.)


I know this should be emailed to Garmin, but I figured if other owners expressed their concerns together on one forum Garmin might actually listen.

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4. The knob for my belt clip keeps unscrewing itself!


Ran into this one myself, I eventually ended up looping the lanyard around my camera bag strap so it couldn't fall.


While I haven't tried it myself, and it would make removing the knob somewhat more difficult, I suspect using some threadlock would help the cause. Depends on whether you ever remove the knob :lol:.

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As a fellow Garmin owner (60c x 2) let me first say I think your suggestions are good ones. Now, let's look at things from Garmin's point of view. As a software developer I face these sorts of issues all of the time.


Number 1 - 3 are not faults and do not need to be fixed. They are enhancements that could, indeed, be fixed with a firmware update. Not knowing how many developers Garmin has and not knowing their development processes it's impossible to saw what if any action has or will be taken.


Have you received any feedback from Garmin on your suggestions? If not give 'em a call. They have a toll free line so they're footing the phone bill - you're just out the time it takes to wait on hold. From personal experince don't bother calling on Friday or Monday :lol:.


a-pineapple, please don't take my response as a flame against you, I just wanted to share my view from the other side of the coin.



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By the way the sell different grades of locktite -- I put a little smear on my stud and I can guarantee it'll NEVER come out again unless I want it it. ;D


By the way the canvus zippered bag Garmin sells for the GPSV works perfectly for the GPS 60/60CS.


Nice snug fit with room for an extra set batteries and extras inside.

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