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How To Stay Safe


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There was an alleged bomb scare in northern Indiana last week, because a geocacher was caught putting a cache back, and unfortanatly was seen with the cache. When he was hiding it under the train where he had found it. Someone called the authorities when they spotted the geocacher with a strange looking box. The bomb squad was called in to detonate the alleged bomb.

athough there was no bomb or anything of danger he could still be charged.


I personaly think this kind of stuff can be avoided if we chose to hide our caches in woods and forests and out of sight of the public.


please respond with any thoughts to this.


P.S. I am not trying to put down geocaching. I love the game but I think we can be a little safer when we go geocaching.


Another thing go caching like this :) not like this <_<.


have fun caching.

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Another thing go caching like this <_< not like this :).

You do have a duty to protect the cache. There are a lot of people out there that will just take the cache if they know it's there.


I think the key is to be discreet, not sneaky.


But the fact of the matter is there is a whole class of cache called "high risk" and the whole point is to be able to retrieve, sign, and return a cache with a high potential of being observed. These I really love and have actually retrieved caches while Sissy was watching and she couldn't tell. I've retrieved caches with others mere feet from me. I've had to wait several minutes for multiple people to just happen to be looking the other way to reach up and return a cache. It just means that you need to look like you belong there and your actions are natural.


High risk caches are here to stay and so is the potential for a failure to be viewed suspiciously.

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Caches within X amount of feet of a railroad are a no-no anyway.


The problem as I see it is that everyone isnt playing by the same rules. Until everyone that does geocaching gets on the same sheet of music, this is just going to be an issue.


This was a restored train, and was there as a momument. I know what you mean though.

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Geocaching rules state that permission must be obtained from the land owner before placing the cache. If the Park Superintendent/Agengy does not give permission, then the cache should not be placed.

And that doesn't help either.

We're talking multiple incidents where people have gotten permission from the owner and yet the owner's employees have no clue what's going on...


That was the case in the IN incident, and it has been the case in other cache hides where, luckily, it hasn't been an issue yet.

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