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Geocache Information Paper For Your Regular Caches

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If this container needs to be removed for any reason, please let us know. We apologize and will be happy to move it.


since you have the Geocaching.com logo at the top it makes this part sound like Geocaching.com is speaking. Could you word this so its evident that its the cacher talking and not Geocaching.com?

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QUOTE (Wildwoods @ Oct 27 2004, 02:08 PM)

So than displaying the GC.com or Groundspeak logo does not necessarily mean you are affiliated with GC.com? ......


"Anyone can display the logo as long as they follow the requirements. Having a logo doesn't make you part of the company." Quote by Mopar


From a posting in the Geocaching.com Web Site forum

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I would tell you what i think, but I can't read the document.


Same here. I suggest that the OP makes it a PDF instead of using a secret format (I can open it in OpenOffice.org, but the text is a bit jumbled).

I can't read it all either. I am able to open the .doc in OpenOffice too. Here's what the top of the document looks like:



I personally don't own Microsoft Word (and don't intend to) along with a large number of people -- so I recommend that people sharing documents on the web use HTML format that any web browser can read. (P.S. thanks for the .pdf version. I don't care for .pdf's either, but at least I can view them.)


Getting back on topic... the text is good.


My critique would be to focus on what you need to know when you find the cache by adding a paragraph of "What should be in a cache?" before the "What shouldn't be in a cache?" paragraph and eliminate the "Are there any other names for Geocaching?" paragraph if necessary.


That way someone stumbling upon the cache would immediately know what to place in the cache. Which is more educational than the word origin: "...hiding place for concealing and preserving provisions." which might confuse a newbie after you already said "Food items are ALWAYS A BAD IDEA". Besides those kinds of details can be researched online after the find.


I like it and I'm looking forward to placing my first cache and I'm looking for ideas like yours. Thanks.

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I guess the idea of leaving out the what should be in a cache is due to the fact that anything that will fit that isn't in the NOT ALLOWED paragraph is fair game. Unless someone already has a prepared paragraph (as all the text in that document was just gleamed from various papers people have floating around and from various parts of the website), I'll hold off on updating it till I place my next cache.


As for the issue about the .doc, I guess I will mention it (I had before, then removed it, but ill address it). First off, this is NOT directed at anyone in particular. Anywho, I'm sure more than 80% of the world uses Microsoft Office so the format isn't some strange secret.. it's simply a Word 2003 document. I, for one, don't like reading .doc's or .pdf's or any other kind of FILE on the web; but I chose to make the document in Word and post the file because thats whats posted right here on geocaching.com and on many other websites. Most people can open Word documents without and issue and those who can't CHOOSE NOT TO, but normally are smart enough to know how to view it properly by some other methond. I absolutely had PDFs for looking at documents. They're so annoying. All Adobe programs take god knows how much more time than the average program to load.. its just annoying. Anyhow, the document has been made available in .doc (Word 2003) and .pdf to satisfy those who can't stand to use a Microsoft product. I'm from the same school of thought as you guys, but at last I saw the point in actually making and posting the Word 2003 despite my own school of thought. Next time don't be so gun-ho, "OH NO I CANT SEE IT, HES USING MICROSOFT PRODUCTS, EITHER REDO IT OR YOULL BE CONDEMN!" ;)

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I don't see much use for the etymology lesson in the last block. The stuff about computer memory and provisions isn't of any particular use to a muggle who's come across this box under a rock, even in terms of education to make them less likely to trash it. The "is" in the first sentence of this block should be "are"


The bit with "the only rules are" is getting a little out of date these days! :)


Why not change all those general "in a cache" statements with "in this cache" instead? It's this cache that the Muggle's found, after all, and it's right there in front of him/her!

This note isn't aimed at cachers (when was the last time you read one in a cache you'd found?!), so you should aim it at the intended audience.


In general, it's a bit big. If you have to fold it up too much to fit in in an average lunchbox-sized container, it becomes less eye-catching.


Apart from that, I love it! ;)

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