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Should It Be This Painfull!!

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Hi all,

I just thought I would add this post and see if anyone else had had any painfull experiences in their relentless search for caches??

:D to see what I am getting at, read my comments on aeolian sky multi cache then share you're experiences as I am sure i am (well I hope) not the only one who has had a slight miss-hap to date.

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Certainly had the 'too cold to add up properly' effect. Or more likely, can't read my own handwriting!


Only injury of note so far is walking straight onto a branch that was pointing straight at me. Nice puncture wound in the shoulder, lucky it wasn't my eye.


I also posted this to point out that you would get a better response if you make the cache name a clickable link like this. Click on Aeolian sky and it will take you direct to the web page.


How to do this? Not trying to patronise, but just in case you or any others haven't sorted this yet:


First go the the cache page, highlight the address at the top of the browser and copy it.


Then, once in the posting bit of the forum click on http:// button, delete the helpful http:// that come up automatically and then paste the address you captured previously. Click next and type in the friendly text you would like the readers to see.

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In the relentless and enthusiastic pursuit of our outdoor hobby, injuries are to be expected; but will they deter us?? Not at all! After more than a year and a half of geocaching, I had my first injury a few days ago at The 1645 Bug. Wet leaves rather than wet moss were to blame. I decided that the best thing to do was to keep on caching to prevent my back from seizing up. Actually driving the car has been more painful than walking. It's getting better thankfully. :D

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:P thanks for the link idea!! I will remember next time and yeah I have had a few branch springbacks too :D !

All said and done it has not deterred me and I do agree the drive is more painfull between caches and I didn't get any sympathy from my wife when i got home :D

But the back is fine now apart from when I have to go and do something for my beloved then I have selective ache syndrome!

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I've had my fair share of close calls but other than a few thorns stuck in my knees and groin (Thanks to Pid and his Lucky Strike cache) I've not suffered for my sport too much. However, I know The House Of Boo had a bit of an 'incident' at The Hunt for Red October - Part 5.


I felt a bit knackered after climbing Snowdon for a couple or three caches last month but nothing like the broken ankles and helicopter rides I've read about, caching on Ben Nevis. Sorry, no link. I can't find the cache in question!



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4,400ft, and you do climb all but 60 of them from the car park outside Fort William. I tried it in 2003 and managed to get a bit over 3,000ft before having to turn tail and bravely chicken out. I'm hoping someone will organise a cache meet at the top next summer.... that way at least it'll be a twofaone deal and I'll have people pushing me on up!



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First thanks kbootb, wondered how you managed to paste a cache page link into a post.


Worse injury to date was at Just a Cache as I was looking for a micro very near a barbed wire fence and I sort of slipped and went straight into the fence. Ended up in the local A&E and needed three stitches in my shoulder :P


Not to be beaten, on the day I had my stitches out went back to complete the cache :P , but gave the barbed wire fence a wide berth <_<


Will be a cache I can never forget, have the scar to prove it :)



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My only caching injury so far happened at home!!! (apart from S*******g myself being chased through a field by a herd of cows at Dew Point)


Having been on a particularly muddy caching trip I chucked my boots into the garage through the back door with a view to cleaning them later (yeah right!).


A few hours later in pitch blackness I went to the garage to get some veggies for dinner and promptly stumbled of the carelessly strewn walkers and bashed my shin on the sill of the door.


I vowed never to cache again - but you know ho that goes <_<

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